Why Wasn't One Direction At The 2015 VMAs? So Much For That Reassurance Fans Need Right Now

The MTV Video Music Awards went down on Sunday and they were anything but dull. Miley Cyrus was hosting after all. If you were to judge the night by the wild fashion on the red carpet, which was definitely a precursor for the crazy evening that was about to go down, you'd have known that the night was going to be out of control. But in all the madness of Miley wearing a Leelo suit, a la The Fifth Element, and Taylor Swift showing up with her "Bad Blood" squad, you might have noticed that One Direction was missing at the VMAs on Sunday. Not cool, guys. Like, at all.

This is a sad sight to see. After all, One Direction has been a huge part of pop culture for the last five years, bringing the concept of a boy band back to life and gifting us with talent and charisma from across the pond. And as we all know, One Direction is going on a hiatus sometime in 2016. While they have confirmed that they are not splitting up, they have not elaborated on how long their hiatus will last. So that's why it would make sense for the fab foursome to make an appearance on one of the music industry's biggest nights to put everyone at ease. Even though they are not nominated for any awards this year and are not scheduled to perform during the show, there are many reasons 1D should have shown their handsome faces at the VMAs.

The Opportunity To Say "See You Later"

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As said before, the split is not supposed to be a permanent one. Thus, it is not really a "goodbye" to fans, but instead a "see you later." The VMAs are a perfect opportunity for them to show fans that they want to start giving a proper "see you later" to fans as a group before the hiatus starts.

A Chance To Bond Over The Craziness

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Since they are not up for any awards this year, they could basically spend the whole night in chill mode, just soaking up any wild Miley-related (or otherwise crazy) antics that happen onstage. They'd probably have a great view of the performances, the speeches, and controversies that will maybe definitely happen. Great fodder for a bonding moment!

Likeliness Of Catching Up With Buds

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Since the VMAs have so many celebs in one spot at a time, it is a great chance for the guys to catch up with their other famous pals. Since they've been on tour and they're not inviting all their famous friends onstage à la Taylor Swift, they probably haven't had the chance to just shoot the breeze with buds like Rihanna, like Harry Styles did at a past VMA show.

The Possibility Of Finding Inspiration

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While on hiatus, the guys will be pursuing solo projects. Maybe a performance, like Beyoncé's epic performance from last year, or some sort of stirring speech could yield something inspiring to them moving forward in their careers or possibly even for when they get back together as a group. We fans can only hope!

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