Rose Oil Will Be The Next Big Natural Beauty Ingredient, So Step Aside, Coconut Oil

Dear coconut oil, I'll love you forever, but I think it's time I start seeing other natural beauty treasures. You're still perfect, but I've got to expand my horizons and get to know rose oil, the big natural beauty ingredient for 2016. Mark my words, ladies and gents.

At Manhattan's first Indie Beauty Expo, an event "devoted to independent beauty brands and the people who love them," I couldn't believe the number of rose-infused products I saw. From rose-infused soaps to scrubs to face washes, the spotlight was definitely focused on the floral powerhouse.

Three of the rose frontrunners included rose hip seed oil, palma rosa oil, and Bulgarian rose oil. Rose hip seed oil is wonderful for nourishing skin, as it contains essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and natural retinol, according to TotalBeauty. Additionally, both palma rosa and Bulgarian rose oils are known for their anti-viral and antibacterial products. Beyond all the natural skin-clearing and hydrating benefits all three oils contain, their individual scents are each uniquely bright, luxurious, and romantic.

The list below includes nine of my absolute favorite products with rose oil featured at the expo. Each one of these stood out to me as ones I genuinely want to start incorporating into my morning beauty routine.

Try them for yourself and prepare to be won over! Sorry, coconut oil. Don't take it personally.

1. Purifying Face Oil

Arya's rose hip seed face oil is smoothing, brightening, gentle on sensitive skin, and full of antioxidants.

(Face Oil, $92, Arya Essentials)

2. Anarose Rejuvenating Rose Toner

Using Bulgarian rose oil from the famous Valley of Roses, Mun's toner is both cleansing and hydrating after a long day.

(Rejuvenating Rose Toner, $68, Mun)

3. Rose Clay Facial Soap

Palma rosa oil and coconut milk give this gorgeous soap its creamy texture perfect for healing dry skin.

(Rose Clay Facial Soap, $24, Osmia Organics)

4. Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Possibly my favorite product of the day, Trilogy's cleansing balm is infused with rose hip seed oil, mango, and coconut for a makeup removing balm that smells like a mini-vacation.

(Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm, $34, Trilogy)

5. 1,000 Rose Beauty Elixir

This moisturizing Bulgarian rose oil elixir brightens skin, helping cleanse it from harsh environmental pollutants.

(Beauty Elixir, $90, Kypris)

6. Solid Rose Perfume Locket

Every one of these handmade bronze lockets is filled with a rose-infused beeswax balm for whenever you need a little floral scent boost throughout the day.

(Perfume Locket, $225, Forager Botanicals)

7. Rose Serum Spray

Oh my gosh y'all, one smell of Cecilia Wong's rose serum spray and you will be hooked for life. It's literally like walking into a rose garden, not to mention packed with antioxidants and probiotics.

(Rose Serum Spray, $40, Cecilia Wong Skincare)

Image Credit: @osmiaorganics/Instagram; Arya Essentials; Mun; ; Osmia Organics Trilogy Kypris Forager Botanicals; Cecilia Wong Skincare