What's The Song In The Bud Light Lime Commercial? This "Wild" Tune Serves Up Summer Vibes — VIDEOS

Don’t you dare try to tell me summer is almost over. I refuse to accept it. You can tell me that the latest Los Angeles heat wave is almost over (I know I won't miss it one iota), but the entire season of summer can’t be done. Not yet. I am not ready to say goodbye to swimming pool/barbecue/cutoff jorts season. You know who is right there with me? The unofficial beverage of the dog days: Bud Light Lime. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the BLL commercials continue to be a fixture of every commercial break (you know, the ones that turn the screen lime green and pump a funk-infused jam through the speakers), it’s still summer. What is that funk-infused jam, you wonder? The song in the Bud Light Lime ad campaign is “The Wild Life” by singer/producer Outasight.

“The Wild Life was released as a single in spring of 2015 and will appear on to-be-released album Big Trouble. If the song sounds like a summer party to you, then it’s doing its job: In an April 2015 interview with Billboard, Outasight says "The Wild Life" was inspired by the “good times and good weather” of L.A.

Here’s the music video for “The Wild Life”:

May summer lime, er, live forever.

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Image: Bud Light/YouTube