Is Vanessa Targeting James On 'BB17'?

After an endurance comp that would name one person Head of Household and bring one juror back into the house, Vanessa won Head of Household, which means she can breathe easy knowing she is safe one more week. However, that news also might make Johnny Mac fans extremely nervous. Now that he is back inside the house (woohoo!) after being evicted and becoming a jury member for all of two seconds, fans are probably thinking the house will try to get John out, again. Not so fast. Vanessa may be targeting James this week.

According to Big Brother Network, it seems Vanessa is targeting James. Even though I'm a big Johnny Mac fan, I also like James, so that makes me worried, too. Before I get into the possibility of Meg and James becoming noms, let's talk Johnny Mac's safety. First, Vanessa tried to make a deal with Johnny Mac during the HoH comp, but he didn't "accept" it. Then, after Vanessa officially won HoH, she and John chatted privately and he explained he didn't want to make a deal with her publicly. However, behind closed doors, Vanessa basically promised Johnny Mac's safety for another week. With that said, it seems these two are working together, for now. Let's hope Vanessa stays true to her word, right?

As I'm sure you can imagine, this is not sitting well with the Austwins. They proposed to Vanessa to evict Johnny Mac again, but the professional poker player is doing what is best for her game. Apparently, she outright told them that she had no plans of putting up Johnny Mac, but also promised Julia, Austin, and Liz's safety.

So, who does that leave? Steve, James, and Meg. Per Big Brother Network, "Vanessa says she’ll put James and Meg up on the Block as this week’s nominees, but James is their target. Then next week, Vanessa suggests, they can go after JMac but if he wins Veto they can get out Meg."

Well, let's hope Johnny Mac doesn't accept anymore deals and stops throwing comps, or he will become Vanessa's next target. As for James, Vanessa is worried because, if you don't recall, she promised him weeks ago that if she ever became HoH again that he and another houseguest of his choosing would not be put up on the block or be evicted.

Drama, drama, drama. If Vanessa goes back on her word, well, there's bound to be a lot of tension in the house — as always.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS