Thoughts You Have When You Revisit Childhood Music

Going back and listening to your favorite songs from childhood can be a rollercoaster of emotions, some negative, but, in my experience, mostly positive. Of course, it all depends on what kind of taste you had as a child, which was usually what your friends, or in some cases, what your parents listened to. Have you ever gone back and listened to the songs that were your favorite as a child and tween? (And, if those are still your favorites, no shame.) If you haven't been able to, I recommend it; listening to old jams that you've totally forgotten about provides a great time capsule to a different time and a different version of you.

Music seems to move so quickly in the modern day when you don't need a CD player or a walkman and a lot of money in order to get access to the latest hits. It's easy to forget what you used to rock out to in the '90s when Spotify gives you the option of listening to songs from every genre, from every year, and so on and so forth. But that nostalgia gets so real when you finally do sit down and listen to your old music that it can inspire a bunch of thoughts and feelings within you. In fact, there are 13 pretty common thoughts that you'll have if you go back and listen to the same music you listened to as a child, but with your new adult perspective.

1. Was I Really Dark As A Tween?

I listened to some music with some really deep, emotional lyrics. What was I feeling?

2. Also Really Sexual?

There was a time in late 2000s middle school when pop music didn't even bother with innuendos. School dances were weird.

3. Did I Never Get Bored By This?

Because all those really sexual songs followed the exact same format.

4. What Do These Lyrics Mean?

I don't think I started listening to the lyrics of songs until high school.

5. My Music Tastes Were Really Diverse

A little bit of sexually charged R&B, a little bit of Disney.

6. Actually, There Was A Lot Of Disney

The Walt Disney Company really had me where they wanted me.

7. Why Was I So Into Coldplay?

I think a lot of people have wondered about this.

8. OK, I Did Have Good Taste Sometimes

I listened to a lot of great classic rock as a child (thanks, Dad), and I feel like everyone had a few hits among the many misses.

9. But This Is Really Embarrassing

I listened to a lot of really saccharine pop. Over and over again.

10. Oh, The Memories!

It all comes rushing back.

11. Why Do I Listen To Anything Else?

Music with memories is the best music.

12. I Really Want To Make Someone A Mix CD

Too many feelings not to be burned to a disk and shared.

13. Ahh, To Be A Child Again

So simple, so oblivious to even the most obvious of lyrics.

Don't let all those songs you downloaded when you first discovered iTunes go to waste; give them a listen, and remember: you are not alone. We've all got some embarrassing stuff in there.

Image: Screen Gems; Giphy