Can John Survive The Double Eviction On 'Big Brother'? This Houseguest Has Nine Lives

I think Johnny Mac is a cat, because this guy has, like, nine lives in Big Brother. He's been nominated six times — up to his first eviction — and then got back in the house, because you simply cannot kill Johnny Mac's Big Brother 17 game. The guy is indestructible. But, could John actually survive the Big Brother double eviction? His good fortune has to run out at some point, and this double eviction might just be it, especially if the houseguests want to right the wrong that the jury buy back cast on the house.

John has really done an amazing job at avoiding getting evicted. Until, of course, getting evicted on Thursday. But, John did a manage to get back into the house, like the spider monkey he is, and last longer on that Dizzyland swing more than any other Big Brother jury member — disappointed in you, Jackie. He's lost a little credibility in his game in the recent weeks, but he might not be the biggest target in the house at the current moment. But if the opportunity arises, the double eviction might be the perfect time for the house to re-evict John. It's just a question of if they will do it.

Johnny Mac's game isn't over, which makes this past week a bit of a flop. To keep up with John's life inside the Big Brother house, check out the newest episode of Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room .

If Johnny does make it through this week, it will be a sheer miracle. Double evictions are generally the perfect time to get out a big threat, and Johnny Mac definitely fits that mold. Why? Because he was already evicted. If John makes it to the final two, convincing the jury to vote for someone who survived an eviction and came back to win the game will be easy peasy. For him, he just needs to prove his loyalty to one of the sides of the house, and commit to them. He doesn't need to make final five deals at this point — they're kind of pointless with the dwindling numbers — he doesn't need to suck up to Austin and the twins, either. Johnny Mac simply needs to win competitions and keep his allies safe.

Which raises the question: who are Johnny Mac's allies? Staying safe in this house is hard, but it's especially hard if you don't have a few close houseguests who are willing to keep you safe. While I would like to think that Johnny Mac and Steve would remain loyal to each other, I worry that Vanessa has too strong of a hand over Steve.

With Vanessa in power, John should really fight to secure that half-assed attempt at an alliance with Vanessa from his eviction week. If he can convince her that he is worth keeping around in the game and that Austwins are worth bringing down, then he might be able to stay safe with both Vanessa and Steve and James and Meg. But, that would require Vanessa turning on the Austwins alliance, and I don't know if she would ever actually do that. (She's all talk, but when it comes to making moves... Well, we saw how her "backdoor Austin" plan went last time.)

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Images: Monty Brinton/CBS