Johnny Mac Returning To 'Big Brother 17' Caused Mixed Feelings From The Other Houseguests

Johnny Mac is Johnny Back! The Rockstar Dentist won the most important comp of his Big Brother career so far and re-entered the house immediately after he was evicted. Johnny Mac being evicted from Big Brother 17 was good for only one thing it seems: To let the other houseguests know how much people love John. The applause he got from the audience after being evicted was thunderous, and they spent most of his post-eviction interview laughing along with him. The audience might be happy to see John's return to the Big Brother house, but the same can't be said for the houseguests who just evicted him.

Now that John is back in with the houseguests under a different HOH, it's almost as if last week hadn't happened at all, except now John isn't just a floater who got this far accidentally. He blew up the five-person plot to evict Vanessa, and wants to make some big moves to shake things up in the house. He has no fear of getting blood on his hands, which makes him a dangerous enemy and a valuable ally. How do the houseguests feel about John's return, and how have their plans changed now that the Rockstar Dentist is ready to play?


No one is happier about John's return than his prime partner in all things dork, Steve. The two have been close allies, and thanks to John's return have been able to stay intact and learned that they cannot trust the Austwins. This not only gives them a common enemy, but it allows them to make a strategy based around their Final 2 deal and not worry about trying to satisfy any of their side alliances. The only person who they might be making a deal with any time soon is...


The new HOH gained found an end-game ally in John, who proved that he is willing to provide her any information that will be beneficial for both of them. Vanessa is a master manipulator and fearless player, while Jonny Mac is a good competitor that isn't afraid to make big moves. While this is one of the least likely pairings this season, if this alliance stays strong (and pairs with Vanessa's other buddy Steve) it might not be that hard to get out The Austwins after all.

James & Meg

While James and Meg don't feel strongly about Johnny Mac as a returning member, they're more affected by the fact that their former partner Jackie wasn't the returning jury member. Jackie was a smart, passionate player who inspired James and Meg to make big moves, and helped bring about the downfall of Clelli. James and Meg were at their best when they had Jackie working with them, so their only reaction towards the jury buyback is not happiness or anger directed at John, but merely a longing for their close friend and ally.

The Austwins

No one is angrier about John's return than the people who spent the last week trying to get him out. The Austwins had their whole game blown up and risk losing the favor of the most powerful houseguest because John spilled the beans on the plot to evict Vanessa. Austin seems especially worried as he fears that he has become John's biggest target (which is usually what happens when you successfully evict someone). Austin's paranoia is pulling him apart, and if things don't go his way, he might fully lose it. If John is able to get in Vanessa's ear (like he was beginning to last week), this may be the end for The Austwins.

Everyone in the house has different opinions on John's triumphant return, but no one is as happy as the viewers at home who can continue to enjoy the honesty and hilarity of one of the best Big Brother players for at least another week. If Johnny Mac can manage to make some big moves between this and when he leaves the Big Brother house for good, then it's just the sugar-free icing (sugar is bad for your teeth, as the dentist would tell you) on the cake.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS