Princess Myrcella Needs To Survive On 'GoT'

It's no secret, Game of Thrones is all about emotionally scarring its viewers for life. Ned's beheading, The Red Wedding, and Shireen's horrifying death are all proof that anyone decent is screwed. Jon Snow's apparent demise sent everyone into another fit of anguish, but at the moment I am far more worried about Princess Myrcella. I know she looked like a goner in Thrones ' Season 5 finale, but Myrcella must survive. No, she's not important to the plot and there are no prophecies surrounding her that need to be fulfilled. She is just a kind young women in love who doesn't deserve to die.

Not that Game of Thrones would keep her alive solely for that reason, as viewers know all too well. The show's attitude so far has been having anyone who is half-decent die, regardless of how important the character is or how much he or she is adored by fans. It's not a philosophy I love, but I have reconciled myself to the reality that Westeros is and always will be a brutal world. The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and I want Myrcella to live. Some of my reasons are purely selfish — a desire for one happy thing on a show full of sadness — and others are more practical. If Jaime cannot administer an antidote to Myrcella, all hell is going to break loose, and Myrcella deserves more than a war being launched in her name. Here's why:

1. She Was The Lannisters' Last Chance For A Healthy Familial Relationship

Tywin completely screwed up any chance Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion had of having anything resembling a normal life. Jaime spent his entire life caught between his two siblings and their war ultimately poisoned everything it touched. Then there was Joffrey, who was just a human disaster. Everyone loved Myrcella though, and the fact that she knew Jaime was her father and embraced him was hugely rewarding. Without her, the Lannister family will continue to crumble.

2. Trystane Is A Dead Man If She's Gone

Myrcella had nothing to do with Oberyn Martell's death, but that didn't stop Ellaria Sand for punishing her for it. Jaime once pushed Bran out of window to keep him silent. He's changed a lot since then, but I doubt he's changed so much he wouldn't immediately kill Trystane, even though he had nothing to do with Myrcella's death. These empty vengeance killings need to stop.

3. A War With Dorne Will Leave King's Landing Ripe For The Picking

I hate to make Myrcella's death political, but if the Lannisters go to war with Dorne, King's Landing is going to be vulnerable. There is too much unrest in the capitol as it is, and after Cersei's walk of shame and Margaery's imprisonment, Tommen's power is in question. Sending soldiers south will leave King's Landing wide open for another attack, and this time there's no one waiting to ride in and save the day.

4. She Had So Much Potential

In the few episodes she was in, Myrcella made a lasting impression. She was both innocent and wise, a young girl who by being removed from the ugliness that transpired in King's Landing, managed to grow into a considerate, confident, and largely scar-less human being. She was truly an anomaly. I would love to see her perspective on the world and watch her continue to grow up, to grapple with what her parentage means, and to just generally see how Myrcella would deal with a world that wasn't as beautiful and free as Dorne.

5. Her Death Will Destroy Cersei

Whether you love Cersei or hate her, you have to admit pushing Cersei over the edge will do no one any good. After everything she's lost, her daughter's death will crush her. She is going to be out for blood in a major way, but more than that, her rage will consume her. With only one of her children left, what lengths will she go to protect Tommen?

6. Dorne Will Be Ravaged

Dorne truly was the last safe place in Westeros. Prince Doran fought so hard to keep peace in his country. He never would have harmed Myrcella, but now all of his people's lives will be upturned because of what Ellaria and the Sand Snakes did. To see Dorne go to war will be heartbreaking.

7. Because Sometimes Happy Endings Are Nice

Seriously, just one happy ending on this show would be nice. I don't even need to see Myrcella again, I just want to preserve her happiness and her future. With every other kid on the show having their lives ripped apart or ended, it would make me pleased to know that one member of the younger generation lived as happily ever after as possible in Westeros.

I know all my hopes are for naught. Myrcella truly was too precious for this world, but wouldn't it be awesome if Game of Thrones did the unexpected and let her live? So much pain could be avoided... not that the writers care about avoiding pain. Still, I am going to keep my Myrcella hopes alive until Season 6 gets here and they are completely dashed.

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