How To Wear Fall 2015's Most Challenging Trends

by Tyler Atwood

The arrival of a new season encourages even the most reticent fashion magnates-in-the-making to test-drive new fads, and Fall 2015's trends offer something to suit every sartorial whim. Suede miniskirts and enthralling prints appeal to autumn's '70s preoccupation, while flirtatious, feminine ruffles and pastel hues will prove enticing to traditionalists. However, the coming season will also introduce a handful of trends that aren't quite so simple to rock. Furry footwear, barely-there micro mini skirts, and audacious goth attire flooded the Fall 2015 runways, causing a mass panic amongst consumers wondering, Do we really have to try that trend?

Simply put, no one should feel compelled to sport a particularly challenging trend on the streets or to work, but donning a wilder garment for the fun of it can be utterly thrilling. But how does one wear clashing patterns or monochrome grey without appearing a luxury-sporting lunatic? The fundamental principal behind wearing daring trends in the real world is simplification; a pair of fuzz-adorned shoes may seem completely mad when worn with pajamas, but a streamlined suit will offset the fad's inherent insanity. If you're toying with the notion of taking on a bold new look this autumn but fear a major fashion fail, scroll through for tips on working Fall 2015's most difficult trends.

1. The Teddy Bear Material Shoe Trend

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Those unaware of fashion's current direction may regard you with alarm if you choose to wear woolen, downy shoes to work or, heaven forbid, on a date. However, the trend is burgeoning for autumn, and can be worn with grace if you pair your pair with the correct ensemble. First, choose fleecy footwear that appears more ornamental than neanderthal-like. A plume of fur or fluff is ideal for dipping a toe into this difficult trend. Next, choose a pared-down ensemble to sport with your statement shoes, such as a well-tailored suit in grey, navy or black, or a pair of dark wash trouser jeans and a silk blouse. Your shoes should be the focal point of your ensemble, unless you wish to be perceived as a complete renegade.

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2. The Ultra-Micro Mini Skirt Trend


Hemlines are hiking up considerably for autumn, and the best way to sport the sultry look is by tempering barely-there bottoms with a demure top and footwear. Mary Janes and pointed-toe flats are modish for fall, as are slim-lined, knee-high boots that balance the proportions of a Lilliputian skirt. Consider polishing off your look with a cashmere turtleneck, pussybow blouse, or fisherman sweater for an outfit that is of the moment and just modest enough.

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3. The Gray (On Gray On Gray) Trend

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The vibrant color-averse will be delighted to learn that gray is back in a big way for fall, especially in the form of a head-to-heels monochrome ensemble. If you wish to avoid being mistaken for a cement skyscraper, sport pieces in varying hues of gray, from dove to charcoal and smoke. For bonus point, embrace various textures and fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool, and leather. Add strategic pops of color through crimson or cobalt accessories.

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4. The Plaid Pattern Clash

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Pattern clashing is perhaps one of the most consistently difficult sartorial skills to master season after season. When done right, the wearer appears incredibly avant-garde and urbane; when done wrong, clashing patterns look simply absurd. With the advent of autumn's clashing plaids trend, the answer to the conundrum is clear: Choose one plaid pattern and stick to it, unless you have the assistance of a professional stylist. In professional settings and on the street, two separate tartans may appear juvenile and vaguely batty. Instead, sport one item of plaid such as a kilt or blouse, and pair the piece with solid hues in the same color range.

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5. The Gorgeous Goth Trend


Designers clearly had darkness on the mind when designing autumn's collections, as the goth trend was absolutely everywhere on the Fall 2015 runways from Balenciaga to Chalayan. However, channeling FKA Twigs with deeply hued, gothic Victorian clothing and facial piercings may not be the best way to ingratiate yourself to a conservative employer. Instead, choose a well-tailored monochrome black ensemble rendered in luxe silk or coarse linen with strategic lace and velvet accents to lend intrigue to your outfit. Save your especially daring accessories for your after-hours activities and instead adorn yourself with black pearls or a subtly studded bracelet.

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I have the utmost faith in your ability to rock all of these weirdo trends.

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