Swedish Model Agnes Hedengard's "Too Big For The Industry" Video Reminds Us Just How Ridiculous Beauty Standards Really Are

On Aug. 24, Swedish model Agnes Hedengard shared a video in which she claims being rejected by a modeling agency for being "too fat." Instead of allowing the agency (which she does not name) to allegedly body shame her, Hedengard responded in one of the best ways ever. In her now viral YouTube video "Too Big For The Industry" (which was rerecorded from the original Swedish version to make it more accessible to folks in other nations), the model excellently and eloquently takes down the beauty standards within the fashion industry that allegedly deemed the Sweden's Next Top Model runner up too big to be a model.

When telling her story, Hedengard gets even more specific, telling us, "They think my butt is too big and they think my hips are too wide." Not only did the unnamed agency allegedly try to tell her that her body was "too fat," but it even specified where and how she was flawed, bringing scrutiny to the shape of her body as well as its size. This type of body shaming is a toxic branch of impossibly strict beauty standards — one that doesn't just focus on the weight of a person, but how that weight is distributed naturally.

Agnes Hedengård on YouTube

Hedengard finishes the video off by calling the modeling industry's standards "absurd," saying she wants everyone to be aware of what the fashion world considers "too big for the industry." Ending on a totally body positive note, however, she said, "Love yourself and don't let anyone tell you any different."

Hedengard has not responded to Bustle's request for comment, and has not yet revealed any specifics about the agencies she's making these claims against, but I personally love the courage and positivity that she has shown by calling out such a huge industry and refusing to simply be silent about it. By doing so (and doing so in her underwear), she shows exactly how ridiculous social notions surrounding being "too fat" can really be.

Images: hedengard/Instagram