Rihanna's Fans Did The Sweetest Thing For Her

by Marc Cuenco

The Rihanna Navy doesn't mess around, especially when it comes to seeing their favorite bad gal in the flesh. In hopes of meeting her in person, Rihanna's fans lined up four days early for a Macy's appearance on Monday. The pop star and fashion icon is scheduled to promote her new fragance RiRi by Rihanna at the department store in downtown Brooklyn.

Several folks began lining up around the Macy's on Fulton St. in order to secure a spot that (hopefully) guarantees them some face time with the "BBHMM" singer. Rihanna herself noticed the crazy love coming from her fans, which she has affectionately nicknamed the Rihanna Navy, and posted a photo of the growing line on her Instagram on Friday afternoon.

"I'll be at Macy's downtown Brooklyn in three days," Rih said. "That didn't stop the NAVY from getting a head start to the front of the line at 6 a.m. today... Y'all are too trill!" Camping out days before they get to meet their fave celebrity is one of the sweetest (and for some, craziest) things that a fan can do, but it makes it worth their time and effort when that show of love is recognized by a superstar like Rihanna.

Of course, there are other fandoms, from Little Monsters to Swifties, who have shown their crazy love for their faves. Here are four times when fans went a step beyond buying an album or concert ticket:

Lady Gaga Tattoos

Little Monsters are known for their undying love for the pop star, but Brooke Mixon's Lady Gaga tattoos puts her at the top of the fandom pyramid. Gaga returned the favor by retweeting a photo of Mixon's tats.

Kylie's Lip Challenge

Whether it started out as a beauty trend inspired by the Instagram queen or a meme gone horribly wrong, there's no denying the impact that Kylie Jenner has on her fans. The #KylieLipChallenge was a bust, but if anything good came out of it, it's the honest and cute "Kids React To..." video above.

Freezing For Taylor

Super fan Sinead Murray camped out in the freezing cold for 20 hours to meet Taylor Swift at her BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show appearance. It was well worth the wait after Swift looked for her later on and even took pics with Murray.

Extreme Plastic Surgery

There are people who have gone to great lengths to have Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian's face, but getting plastic surgery to look like your fave celebrity is simply not a good idea. There are much safer and healthier ways to show your faves how much you love them.

Image: badgalriri/Instagram