Kylie Jenner Has A New Hairstyle, But The Blue Locks With Blunt Bangs Are Definitely The Result Of A Wig

It seems like every day Kylie Jenner has a new hairstyle on Instagram, and it's usually accompanied with a new eye color, too, if we're being honest. From crazy long extensions to pink wigs, she knows how to keep us on our toes, but there is one color she always goes back to: blue. Friday night she shared an Instagram video of her wearing a new blue hairstyle, specifically one with blunt bangs.

In the video, Jenner and one of her friends are writhing around with rap music playing in the background, because what else do 18 year old millionaires do to kick off the weekend? Jenner wore round frame sunglasses inside (obviously) and a short, angular blue wig, which is a slight departure from her normal mermaid blue/green hair. She's changing things up, apparently.

Jenner has had quite the hair evolution over the past two years. It all started when she chopped her hair off into a bob and died the bottom an aqua blue color — which was when she first started getting the world's attention for her beauty choices, in my opinion. Ever since then, she's had long, light blue mermaid hair, short light blue hair, long pink hair... the list could go on forever.

Here is a roundup of her most memorable hair color choices.

1. Long Blue-Green Ombre

This one might be my favorite and it's the most classic Jenner blue hair (aside from the shorter bob version of this).

2. Long With Silver Ombre

Is the granny hair trend really a trend if Jenner doesn't participate?

3. Dark Greenish Blue Bob

This dark blue green pairs perfectly with a goth lip, in case you were wondering.

4. Bob With Green Ombre

OK, the green might actually be my favorite. She should go back to this.

5. Her Classic Blue Ombre

This is Jenner's signature hair that reappears on her instagram feed every now and then. She was a pretty cool 16-year- old, you must admit.

6. Blue & Blonde Streaks

How much do you think she spends on hair color, extensions and wigs?

7. A Bob With Blonde Ombre

I wonder what kind of deep conditioner she uses, because at the rate she bleaches her hair, it should no longer be attached to her head.

8. Long, Icy Blue Hair

Is this a wig? Extensions? I honestly don't know.

9. Bleached Birthday Hair

It was only a matter of time before the youngest of the Kardashian clan tried blonde hair.

10. Lastly, Medium Length Pink Hair

At least we know this one is a wig.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (11)