This 'Harry Potter' Twitter War Is Everything

Some things never change. On Saturday, Aug. 28, former Harry Potter costars, Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton, channeled their inner Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy for a Twitter feud of the ages. The squabble was in jest, which made this spat all the more squee-worthy. Lewis took to the social media website to tweet his support for Felton's work in the film, Risen, which is slated to debut in theaters Jan. 2016. "@TomFelton Psyched for this pal!" he wrote, giving Felton the opportunity for a truly Draco-esque rejoinder. "@Mattdavelewis thanks brother, see you Sunday. Ready for a crushing defeat? #Gryffinwho?" Felton wrote back, "Leave it out. We've got plans for you boys. You're gonna get Slytherinsed." I can't even.

To make matters all the more awesome, author J.K. Rowling got in on the action by posting a screenshot of the convo, and offering this epic response: "So proud of my boys. Even after all these years, they still want to kick each other's arses." Now if the two actors could stage their own post-Harry Potter Quidditch battle (I'm thinking Vine or Snapchat would be some on fleek forums for such a thing), my life would be complete.

This instance of wizardly ribbing isn't the first time cast members from the Harry Potter franchise have emulated their characters offscreen. Many candid moments and guest appearances have proven that the line between fiction and real life can get blurry.

From Emma Watson epitomizing the badassery of Hermoine on the regular, to Rupert Grint purchasing an ice cream truck (how much more Ron Weasley can you get??), let's take a look at the times Harry Potter actors were just like their characters.

1. Emma Watson Is Basically Hermoine All The Time

From her ability to consistently upend stereotypes, to her intellectual prowess, and general badassery — Watson is Hermoine through and through.

2. Rupert Grint Bought An Ice Cream Truck

When asked why he bought an ice cream truck in 2007, Grint said, "When I was younger I had sort of — always seemed like a really cool job to be an ice cream man...And I thought why not?" He went on to describe the perks of an ice cream truck in the most Ron way possible. "It was really cool as well. Like a freezer and some sinks. It's got a musical tune and all that." Marry me.

3. When Daniel Radcliffe Laid Down Some Killer Rhymes

"Harry Potter never rapped." Yes, I know that, person I just made up. Still, his bashful humility over his skills before taking the stage — and that classic bravery — was classic Harry. I can imagine some polyjuice potion may have also ignited a rap battle, if rap battles were commonplace in Hogwarts.

4. When Ralph Fiennes Unearthed Lord Voldemort's Humanity

Fiennes rushed to his characters defense in a 2011 interview, where he also noted being able to relate to the "loneliness" of Voldemort.

""Young Voldemort was an orphan and denied any kind of parental affection or love, so he's been an isolated figure from a very young age...But I always think there has to be the possibility of good in someone, too. It might have been eroded, repressed, suppressed or somehow distorted with-in him after he was really damaged."

5. When Alan Rickman Helped Shape Professor Snape's Character

Although Professor Snape isn't exactly a one you would want to be compared to — Alan Rickman makes it work. In an interview with MOVIEPILOT, Rickman described how he was able to infuse sympathy into the character and shape Snape to be a more appetizing villain that some people could actually root for.

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