'Les Miserables' Broadway Actor Kyle Jean-Baptiste Tragically Dies At 21

It is always a somber moment when someone passes away but the sting of death is always a bit harsher when the life lost is a young one. Kyle Jean-Baptiste, a 21-year-old Broadway actor, passed away on Friday, August 28, after suffering a fall from his mother's fire escape. Though his tragic death came early in the actor's life, he had already accomplished so much in his life and career. Jean-Baptiste was both the youngest actor and the first African American to play Jean Valjean in the Broadway production Les Miserables.

The Les Mis family is understandably devastated by the loss. The Les Miserables official Facebook page posted a photo Saturday in memory of the late actor with the following message:

Kyle Jean-Baptiste made his mark on the Broadway stage during his debut performance as Jean Valjean at his first show on July 23, 2015. The news of Jean-Baptiste's death has understandably shocked and devastated the Broadway community.

Jean-Baptiste will be sorely missed and his life was taken from him far too soon. Though his death was shocking and unexpected, Jean-Baptiste will be remembered for his incredible gift and love of performance. Check out one of his touching performances below as we celebrate and remember his life.

Remembering Kyle Jean- Baptiste on YouTube

Image: Kyle Jean-Baptiste/YouTube