7 Progressive Moments From The VMAs That Prove The Show Has A Greater Purpose

Typically, the MTV Video Music Awards is one of the only reasons I actually enjoy the end of August before fall comes and steals not only our warmth, but our socially accepted summer induced laziness. This year, the excitement is no different (except for the fact that I’m learning to love fall just a little bit more). What I’m trying to say is, it's not just a great show — the VMAs are progressive. They're an important show, in addition to being clearly entertaining. A lot of people may not believe that an awards show could have much social impact, but I’m willing to provide proof for you naysayers.

Don’t get me wrong. The VMAs, like all awards shows, has had its fair share of ridiculousness aspects (Britney wearing a snake, anyone?). But for all those silly or eye-rolling moments, there have been plenty of others that renew viewers' faith in the show and make the VMAs something necessary and important. The show provides a platform to get various social issues addressed to young people (and older ones, too) on a main, widely-seen stage. And trust me, by the level of live-tweeting I see each year during the event, the events of the show make quite an impact.

Here are seven progressive moments from the VMAs, because they do have a greater purpose:

1. Beyonce's "Feminist" Performance

Performing for millions in front of a huge sign that says "feminist?" Now that is how you make your ideals and your intentions clear.

2. The 2013 "Same Love" Performance

Julio Cezar Oliveira on YouTube

It may not have been as epic as the Grammy's performance where the various marriages took place mid-song. But, as MTV News pointed out, "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis raised the flag" in honor of the song's ideals, almost two whole years before the Supreme Court ruling on the matter.

3. Kevin Hart's Defense Of Kristen Stewart

Joanie Dub on YouTube

Someone had to say it.

4. Britney Spears, Madonna, And Christina Aguilera's Kiss

BitchVEV0 on YouTube

This kiss made a lot of stuffy, uptight people uncomfortable. Which was kind of the point.

5. Tupac And Biggie's Moms Presenting Together

Watching the clip of the bereaved yet strong women coming together still gives me the chills.

6. Miley Cyrus's Acceptance Speech For "Wrecking Ball"

Music Channel on YouTube

Which she handed over to a homeless youth to talk about youth homelessness. Sure, there was controversy surrounding the person in question, as Us Weekly relayed, as he was sentenced to six months of jail time in the fall of 2014, but Cyrus's intentions were good.

7. The Introduction Of The "Best Video With A Message" Category

Biagio Ziccardi on YouTube

As seen in this clip, Sway explains that this award is not just for a great video, but one that "celebrates the union of music and social activism."

So, you see, there's a whole lot more to the VMAs than simply the outfits and the drama. We need to give awards shows just a little bit more credit.

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