Best Moments Of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams"

I don't know how much time I'm going to need to collect my jaw from the floor, because Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video has emotionally decimated me. Seriously, every time you think Taylor has officially out-Taylored herself, she does something like whip out an army of zebras and kiss someone in the rain so magically that Ryan Gosling's ancestors shuddered in their graves. Is anybody else freaking out over freaking out over the chemistry between Scott Eastwood and Taylor Swift right now? Like, is that my heart beating, or is there an actual earthquake happening on the whole planet?

There were so many gorgeous things going on in the video that my eyes didn't even know where to look. Like, I'm low key disappointed in my own brain right now because I know my unconscious self will never have actually dreams at night that are half as exciting as what just happened on that screen. I DEMAND A REFUND, BRAIN. In the meantime, the only way I could possibly process all of the magic that just went down is by attempting to break it down, piece by piece, in a list of the best moments of this video, starting with:

Taylor Swift's Glamorous New 'Do

She's gone brunette, redhead, and even pink, but this is a brand new style on Taylor and she's rockin' it HARD.

That Yellow Dress That Would Give Belle FOMO

Even that giraffe is jealous.

The Palpable Chemistry

SLAY ME, Scott and Taylor. SLAY ME.

That Trademark Taylor Snarl

I say "trademark" because this is the fact Taylor makes whenever a fictional person betrays her in a video, and I'll never be over it.


Taylor Swift is like Barbie in that she can just pick a random career and Own It. Probs learned how to fly a plane between learning all 6,708 instruments she plays. Whatevs.

Taylor Is BFFs With A Lion

That's it. If a lion got into Taylor's squad before the rest of us, it's time to give it up.

That Notebook Level Kiss

I'm still not breathing. UGH. They stole my breath and my brain and every other organ I have to my name.


I just want Taylor to be happy. Even when she is fake unhappy I am for real sad.

If you think you can keep your sadmotions in check, here's the full video below:

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram; YouTube(8)