18 School Supplies For Adults Who Love Buying New Notebooks Too, Even If They Aren't Going Back To Class

When we were younger, back-to-school shopping was almost as exciting as the last day of school. The new school year brought fresh beginnings, motivation to be better in every way possible, and a pile of new clothes and supplies. But just because we're adults with year-round jobs doesn't mean we don't want to go shopping for back-to-school necessities. Humans of all ages love new stuff, and there are plenty of school supplies for adults to be found, even if you aren't going back to school. That magical, hopeful vibe when the weather starts cooling off will forever serve as a reminder that we deserve some new pens and sweaters to get back on the track to success.

As a '90s kid, my back-to-school shopping strategy consisted of folding down pages of the dELiA*s and JCPenney catalogs, hoping my mom would place call-in orders for platform sneakers and baby tees, and heading to Staples for gel pens and fruit-scented erasers that didn't actually erase anything. Now my tastes are much more practical and convenient, since I don't have to interact with any other humans in order to get the items I need (my favorite way to shop). And there are endless options for school supplies and fall clothes to choose from. With about a billion online shops to browse, you can find everything you need without having to put on pants — because seriously, pants are the worst. Here are the raddest, coolest, and classiest back-to-school supplies for grown-ups, because we deserve shiny new toys, too.

1. Retro Phone Dock

Talk Dock, $36, Uncommon Goods

It's like a time machine you can place on your desk, because the Talk Dock works as a charger, docking station, and receiver for your smartphone.

2. Deep Sea Sand Art

Deep Sea Sand Art, $85, Uncommon Goods

If you need a calming distraction from your screen with its nine constantly open and updating tabs, staring at this gorgeous sand art will do the trick. Here is your moment of Zen.

3. Thermal Travel Mug

But First, Coffee Thermal Mug, $14, Amazon

Seriously though, have truer words ever been written on a hot beverage container? Let your travel coffee cup scare strangers away for you.

4. Desk Calendar

DIY Desk Calendar, $37, Darby Smart

Never lose track of what day it is ever again thanks to this ultra chic desk calendar. It takes up practically zero space and it looks super cute.

5. Bento Box

Red Bento Box, $6, Amazon

You can't kick off the new school year without a kick-ass lunch box, right? This is a bento box that looks like a red retro refrigerator, and it's basically perfect in every way. This is how successful grown-ups consume their second meal of the day.

6. ASAP Sticky Notes

ASAP Sticky Notes, $11, Amazon

There's no better way to organize your important calls and tasks than with these super loud and urgent sticky notes. They will always grab your attention, while also reminding you of Romy and Michele and their desperate attempt to seem like successful businesswomen who invented Post-Its.

7. Cat Cheeseburger Mug

Cosmos of All Mug, $8, Amazon

This mug will motivate you to keep reaching for stars and cheeseburgers, just like this adorable kitten seems to be doing while floating around space.

8. Awesome Journal

I'm Kind of Awesome Guided Journal, $16, Amazon

Yeah, you are kind of awesome. Keep this journal within reach throughout your workday, just as a reminder that you're all that and a bag of chips. No matter how stressful or chaotic life gets, that will always be true.

9. Copper Pencil Holder

Copper Pencil Holder, $19, Darby Smart

Can you think of a more elegant way to keep those pencils right where you need them? No, me neither.

10. Iron Throne Bookend

Iron Throne Bookend, $65, Amazon

Because with your determination and overall badassery, you could snag that Iron Throne from any of the key players in Westeros. Never forget that.

11. Desk Organization Set

Mint to Be Desk Collection, $25, Dormify

Why go with the standard black plastic organization set when you could choose this gorgeous mint one and make your desk shine bright like a diamond?

12. Emoji Stickers

Emoji Sticker Set, $4, Amazon

So I don't know any work setting that encourages the use of emojis or stickers, but that doesn't mean you can't play around with them while on conference calls, right? Right.

13. Lab Desk Supply Set

Lab-solutely Organized Desk Supply Set, $25, ModCloth

Pushpins, paper clips, and binder clips are three items that historically end up running wild in your top desk drawer. Keep them corralled and organized in this geek-tastic desk organizer set.

14. Gadget Charging Station

Gadget Charging Station, $42, Darby Smart

No one likes a huge mess of cords and chargers invading their space. Keep everything in place with this sleek, streamlined charging station.

15. Infectious Disease Stress Balls

Infectious Disease Balls, $6, Amazon

Nothing will relieve your stress better than squeezing the life out of these germ-y disease balls. They're wonderfully disgusting.

16. Composition Notebook Set

Composition Pocket Notebook Set, $10, Rifle Paper Co.

They didn't make composition notebooks this pretty when I was a kid. *Swoon*

17. Brick Wall Cork Board

Brick Wall Cork Board, $38, Dormify

The background of this cork board is clean, crisp, and brilliantly designed — you could put anything on here and it would catch your eye.

18. Happiness Paper Weight

Five Rules for Happiness Paperweight, $36, Uncommon Goods

This is the daily reminder that everyone, everywhere needs in front of their face. Buy it, and keep it in front of yours.

Image: Journal/Knock Knock