Is Miley Cyrus' Dead Petz Website Down? Nope, The VMAs Gave You The Wrong URL

At then end of the rather insane MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus said everyone could download her new album for free. It was a really nice gesture, but, unfortunately the website URL the VMAs put for her Dead Petz album isn't working, and now thousands of fans can't access the songs. Instead of the working URL of, (or even just her main website, which also works), the VMAs ran this one along the bottom of the screen: The singer herself tweeted the same URL, but it's sadly just not working.

The huge announcement resulted in people rushing to the website, but, upon entering the address, nothing appeared. This lead many to believe that Miley had broken the Internet and that so many people wanted her new songs that it crashed the site, leaving no one able to get her songs.

But, astute Miley fans quickly discovered that her website, and the URL allow people access to download her new album. So, if you've now found the working website, listen away! And, rest assured that not even The Mystery of the Crashing Website can keep Smilers (are they still called that?) from checking out the singer's amazing new tracks.