6 Justin Bieber Hair Memes Inspired By The 2015 VMAs

Justin Bieber has been shying away from the limelight these past few years, but when it was announced that Justin Bieber at the 2015 VMAs would be a reality, I knew the 21-year-old singer would probably have something up his sleeve fashion-wise, too. Now that the show's over, it's safe to say that Bieber's VMA comeback will be remembered. Not because of his emotional performance of new single "What Do You Mean," however, but rather because of the debut of his side-sweeping bangs that are already inspiring a ton of Justin Bieber hair memes.

Bieber first stepped on the red carpet sporting a slick leather moto jacket, a button-up shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. But what everyone seemed to notice was that his hair was looking like a blonder, greasier version of his "Baby" era side-sweeping bowl cut. I was actually getting mid '90s Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet vibes, but I think I may have been alone on that one.

The Internet has absolutely no chill, especially when it comes to awards show coverage. So I knew that the Biebs certainly wasn't going be immune to the cruel and unusual punishment that is an Internet meme. As soon as Bieber appeared on the red carpet, his hair was the talk of the webosphere. But J.B. has always been one to take a joke, and even posted a meme on his own Instagram. At least he's still got a sense of humor. Here are the the six best memes inspired by his 'do at the Aug. 30 awards show.

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Bieber & Kate Plus 8

I mean, where is the lie?

2. We Weren't Ready

BuzzFeed said it so I don't have to.

3. Emo Justin

Biebs is clearly practicing his MySpace looks.

4. The Sweep

Maybe he'll sweep all the awards he's nominated for next year?

5. The Seinfeld

If Jerry can wear a ruffle shirt, he can sport this 'do for sure.

6. BRB, Re-Doing The Potatoes

I hadn't seen this vine before, but now I'll forever associate it with the 2015 VMA Biebs.

Bieber: It seems like your hair will forever be the inspiration folks need to meme it up.