Oprah & Janet Mock Text About Kanye West During The VMAs, But What Are They Discussing?

Everyone has been left feeling some type of way after Kanye West's Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech. I mean, I'm still emotionally devastated by Taylor Swift's speech about Kanye, let alone what the rapper said. During his monologue, he both apologized to Swift and declared a 2020 presidential bid that we all need to take very, very seriously because I really, really need to see this happen. However, we aren't the only ones trying to sort through our feelings about this epic moment in VMAs history. As it turns out, Janet Mock and Oprah are texting about Kanye during the Video Music Awards, although I have no idea about what. Sure, there is a lot about Kanye's monologue to dissect, but the conversation in question seemed to be taking place before Kanye's announcement about running for present, so, seriously, what are they texting about here?

It all started when Mock tweeted during the beginning of the speech, after Kanye took the stage following Swift's beautiful introduction that put their 2009 VMAs feud to rest once and for all. "This is what happens when you don't have your acceptance speech written," she wrote, along with #KanyeWest and #VMAs as her hashtags. She also included a gif of Kanye, seemingly making it clear that she thought his admittedly convoluted apology and point at the beginning of the speech was indicative of the fact that he was making his acceptance speech up as he went along. Oprah then followed with a mysterious tweet of her own.

What is Oprah texting Mock about? What does it have to do with Kanye's speech? Did Kanye make his speech up on the fly as he stood there looking out at that audience? All these questions and more have been swirling through my mind ever since I saw this conversation, and now I just wish I was a fly on the wall to watch as that text conversation took place. It must have been very short, however, because Mock tweeted not long afterward:

And that's really what should be important here. Mock supports Kanye for president, just like the rest of us, and she and Oprah are probably figuring out how to best support his campaign as we speak.