Was Kylie Jenner Wearing A Wig At The 2015 VMAs & If So, Why?

The 2015 VMAs came and went, and the night was filled with a lot of strange fashion and hair choices (most of them made by Miley). However, the most important question on my mind is this: Was Kylie Jenner wearing a wig at the 2015 VMAs? And if so, why? Why would a woman with an amazing set of follicles opt for putting a wig on her head for an event where her recently Instagrammed blue hair would have been perfect? These are the unanswered queries of the universe, and I am set on finding the answers.

It should be mentioned that Jenner's hair did look pretty. Her shoulder length coif and blunt, thick bangs were glossy, chic, and oozed with the onyx essence of signature Kardashian manes. Her Balmain dress was slightly too old for her, but aging herself approximately 30 years sometimes seems to be what Jenner is going for these days, so at least she's on brand. Why look 18 when you can pay to remove yourself entirely from a silly little thing called "youth?" But still, there's just something about that hair, in all its perfect, shiny, helmet-domed perfection that just doesn't sit right: Not with me, and not on her head.

See what I mean? If you give it a quick glance, it looks normal. But stare at it a while, and suddenly your entire world falls apart. And if we're going to assume it's a wig, then we also have to examine Jenner's motivations for wearing one. Here are my best guesses.

1. Kris Told Her To Do It

We all know that Kris is behind most of the Kardashian/Jenner madness, so maybe she had something to do with it. Examining her motivations would be a waste of time, mostly because they all probably have something to do with a dark overlord.

2. She Wanted To Look Like Lord Farquad

The Internet gave us this gift, and it may be the key that unlocks this mystery. Nonetheless, this fictional cartoon character's hair looked great — and Lord Farquad's looked pretty good, too.

3. She Burnt All Her Hair Off From Dyeing It Too Many Times

Jenner just showed up on Instagram with blue hair, so things might have gone awry when she changed it back for the VMAs. Or maybe the blue hair was a wig, too. Maybe they're all wigs. Maybe Kylie Jenner is 100 percent made of wigs.

4. She's Secretly A Bettie Page Fan

And why shouldn't she be? Bettie Page was a fellow wild child with locks that defined a subculture and an era. Jenner should be so lucky to produce such an iconic look.

5. She Got A Tattoo Of Tyga On Her Head And Immediately Regretted It

Jenner might be wearing a wig because she broke the cardinal rule of being 18: Do not get your boyfriend's name or visage tattooed anywhere on your body. And definitely, definitely not if your boyfriend is Tyga. But don't worry Kylie: Laser removal is always an option, and until then, your spooky wigs can cover all manner of teenage sins.