Virginia Runs Away With Dan On 'Masters Of Sex' & They Might Really Be Falling For Each Other

Virginia Johnson plays some serious hooky on Masters Of Sex this week, lying to Bill and jumping in a plane with new lover, Dan Logan. Dan and Virginia's trip to Las Vegas on Masters of Sex isn't all for pleasure, though; the scents and flavors mogul is meeting with a casino owner about a business deal — a sensory way to entice visitors to stay and gamble longer than they might have intended. Though the getaway doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned, Virginia does see some new sides to her fling that seem to please her. Since he's become a part of the show, Josh Charles's character has spent most of his time onscreen trying to sweep the researcher off her feet. This time, he's successful. Is Virginia falling in love with Dan?

Meanwhile, Virginia and Bill are one long Missed Connections column in Season 3. They've never been so out of sync. While Bill is sidestepping Virginia's objections and forging full steam ahead with the sex surrogacy program, Dan is in tune to every one of her needs. He makes spa and salon appointments for her, even knowing that Virginia will eventually cancel them. (She looks fierce at all times with no outside help, anyway.) It's always been very important to Virginia to be known and heard. Bill has been able to offer that connection in the past, but right now it's the other man who makes her feel understood. She, meanwhile, has still got Bill Masters on lock. When Dan wonders aloud how Virginia earned a sick day by insisting that she come in, she proves that she's an expert in Masters psychology. "It's important for Bill to think that it's his idea."

Virginia literally got into bed with Dan because outside circumstances were making her feel helpless. Her own mother put pressure on her to steal Bill permanently away from Libby at the same time Bill attempted to reassert his ownership of her. A handsome, rich playboy who made his desire for her painfully (and seductively) obvious seemed like the ideal candidate for a distracting affair. But, then things get real, even with circumstances as decadent and dream-like as a secret jaunt via private jet (I assume) to a luxurious hotel.

Dan hopes that Virginia will relax, but he's not surprised when she doesn't. Instead, he beams next to her as she tells his potential business associate the results of her casino "field research." Winning money — or the potential of winning money — can have the same physical effects on a person as sex. When Mr. Avery says that Dan's "secretary" made some excellent points, Dan corrects him by calling Virginia his partner. This professional respect is what initially drew her to Bill, remember. The perfume magnate also impresses her by the kindness he shows to their would-be burglar, letting Virginia take the lead after disarming the young and desperate man. (Swoon.)

So far, Virginia likes what she sees. And, Mr. Avery inadvertently confirms that hers and Dan's relationship could be much more than a convenient and sexy arrangement. Avery didn't turn down the deal, Dan did. Virginia isn't an idiot; she knows exactly what it means when she learns that relocation to Las Vegas is the point of contention. But contrary to her early seasons behavior, Virginia doesn't immediately pull away. She's leaning into what Dan is offering her. But, before she lets him into any more of her life, she's going to need to address matters with the other man who takes up space there or risk her secrets blowing up in her face. Things are definitely getting complicated on MoS, but since when is anything related to sex not complicated?

Images: Warren Feldman/Showtime (2)