According to Will Ferrell, Kanye West Might Not Be Such a Jerk After All

For weeks (months? Years?) you've probably been inundated with more Kanye West news than you ever wanted. You know that he's getting married, has lost respect for Louis Vuitton, thinks he's a genius, and will Twitter-battle you; but did you know that he's not a total jerk? What? You don't believe me? Okay, but you can believe the people who've worked with him, right? Fortunately Will Ferrell spilled what it was like to work with the rapper on Anchorman 2 and the details may surprise you. Well some of them won't, like that Kanye played his new album non-stop even when they were filming.

"We got a scared 18-year-old intern to ask him to turn [it] down," Ferrell joked on the Jonathan Ross Show. But other than the constant music, Ferrell confessed that West was a team-player. "He hung out, even after we said, 'You're done'. He was like, 'no, no' and stayed in the background, hanging out."

But since Ferrell was once voted worst celebrity autograph signer because he allegedly "mocks people, taunts and embarrasses them when they ask for autographs," I'm not sure we should trust him as an authority on whether someone is a jerk or not.

Fortunately for West, Director Adam McKay upheld Ferrell's opinion saying to MTV: "[Kanye West] even showed up for an extra quarter of a day where he had no speaking lines. He was just kind of in the group fight sequence, and he was having so much fun that he came back to do that."

So there you have it, as cocky as West is, he's also willing to do more than asked––provided it's something fun that he wants to do in something important like a movie.