Kylie Jenner Has Done Bangs Before The VMAs

Getting bangs is a major decision, since a fringe can totally transform your look. But if you hate them once you get them, you usually have to wait for bangs to grow out, which can suck it. Kylie Jenner wore bangs to the 2015 VMAs, looking very much like a modern day Cleopatra cross-pollinated with Bettie Page. IMO, it was one of her best looks ever, even if the look was faux and likely temporary.

As much as everyone ooed and ahhed over the 'do on Sunday night, the VMAs wasn't the first time the youngest Kardashian has done fringe. In fact, the reality starlet has been rocking a variety of hairstyles with bangs on her Instagram this past month or so.

Her VMAs bangs make me wish that Kylie would just go for it and do "real" bangs. No wigs. No clip ins. It's an awesome look for her, since she often has major lash extensions and both elements call attention to her eyes.

Jenner hit the VMAs with her rumored BF Tyga but I couldn't stop gawking at her glossy, thick, and fully face-framing hair.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm a total advocate for Jenner making her fringe permanent since she has worn center and side-parted hair for so long. It's time for a change that involves some bombshell bangs.

In honor of Jenner's VMAs bangs, here's my ranking of her recent Insta bangs looks and beyond.

1. The Kim x Cleopatra

Didn't she look exotic and gorgeous? Her lashes, paired with the just-above-the-brow bangs, were so dramatic. Yes, she channelled big sister Kim Kardashian.

But she really looked like a current Cleopatra.

2. The Blunt Cut

This blunt cut was extreme and it still fit her face and her vibe. I love the angled shape, too.

3. The VMA Waves

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This long, thick, and banged look was IRL, not on IG.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I love the pool of waves on her shoulder. But I think blunt cut, shoulder-skimming, and stick straight would be more perfect. See above.

4. The Blue 'Do

This blue bob with bangs totally reminded me of Gwen Stefani mashed up with Katy Perry. While cool and futuristic, it's severe and not an everyday look. Unless, of course, she went with her natural black hair for it.

She has revisited blue hair quite often. This shape is really what's best about this particular bob-with-bangs look.

5. The Orange Locks

Obviously a wig and for fashion editorial, these bangs were concealing her eyes and were therefore mysterious. This look, while fun, isn't really fitting the Kylie Jenner aesthetic.

Seriously, all of these bang looks are the evidence that supports a case for permanent bangs for Kylie Jenner. Just do it, girl. You've got this.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (5); Giphy (1)