Is La Bete A Character We Know On 'Teen Wolf'? The Monster May Actually Be A Fan Favorite

Teen Wolf is on hiatus right now, which means things are dark, in transition, and very worrisome. In the Season 5A finale, viewers saw the creation of Theo's chimera pack, Scott's pack in disarray, and the Dread Doctors uncovering a painting of two beasts fighting as they chant "success." The painting of the two monsters is what seems to really be the biggest cliffhanger leading into Season 5B, as we wonder who the monsters are and what their clash means for Scott, his pack, and everyone else in Beacon Hills. It's pretty safe to assume that the beast on fire in the painting is Parrish, but what about the other new Teen Wolf monster, La Bete? Is La Bete a chimera re-created by the Dread Doctors? Could it be a character we already know?

The other chimeras we've seen are people Teen Wolf's characters have known for years, even if we the audience have only recently met them. Liam has known Hayden since the sixth grade and she turned out to be a chimera, while Theo was known to Scott and Stiles since before the fourth grade when he moved away. We've seen that anything is possible on Teen Wolf, so why couldn't the Dread Doctors' successful monster chimera be someone else we, or the characters, have met in the past?

It's likely that the monster from the painting and the creature that destroyed the school at the beginning of the Season 5A finale are one and the same, as the Dread Doctors stated "success" upon seeing the painting and said "success imminent" when seeing the damage at the school. Maybe whoever they experimented on to become the La Bete fulfilled their transition to perfect chimera beast and was let loose to test its own power. But the creature has to be a person at its core, right? So who did the Dread Doctors turn into La Bete? There are a lot of theories floating around, but one name really sticks out to me: Peter Hale.

The beast in the painting looks a whole lot like Peter's pure werewolf form from Season 1. What if the Dread Doctors gave him the opportunity to become an Alpha once again by restoring those powers and adding a few new ones? We all know Peter would do anything to get his alpha powers back and he definitely still believes he deserves it. The last time we saw him, he was trapped at Eichen House with Dr. Valack, so it's totally plausible that when the Dread Doctors went to Eichen to steal Valack's third eye, they broke Peter out and experimented on him. Plus, Peter probably had to get some surgery from when he was burned in the fire that Kate set. The other chimeras' connection was surgical skin grafts, and Peter could've had one of those too.

Another possible option is Danny. I know, I know, I'm the same person who believed Danny was one of Kate's beserkers in Season 4 (which would have been so freaking cool), but the only reason this has even come up as an option is all thanks to Keahu Kahuanui posting a picture on Instagram of the Dread Doctors masks behind him. Sure, this could mean that Danny is a Dread Doctor, but I don't believe that theory, since Teen Wolf has established that Dread Doctors are people who have used science to keep themselves alive for a long time. Danny doesn't fit that description, but he probably has had surgery before considering we've seen him in the hospital over the course of the series. Could Danny become the perfect chimera, aka La Bete?

It's not totally far-fetched... At least not as far fetched as the final theory posted on Reddit by quite a few people. What if La Bete, the perfect chimera, is Scott? I know it sounds crazy, but there are several arguments in favor of this idea. We know that Scott died for 15 minutes after Theo attacked him. What if the Dread Doctors came and experimented on him during this time and began the process of turning him into La Bete? However, we know he wasn't at the school tearing apart the Beacon Hills High brick sign when the Doctors stated "Success Imminent." But maybe that was actually the Desert Wolf looking in the Hale vault for information about Peter and Malia.

Despite the appealing idea of Scott finally transforming into a full wolf (which could absolutely happen), I don't see him becoming La Bete, fighting Parrish, and/or being a chimera of any kind. The Desert Wolf could become the chimera or La Bete, but that's also a bit of a long shot, as she has her own concerns about killing her daughter at the moment. I'm excited to see how the La Bete/Wild Hunt mythology unfolds in Teen Wolf Season 5B, and it would only be made more exciting if this mysterious creature is someone we're already very familiar with.

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