What Are The Dread Doctors Doing To Hayden & Liam On 'Teen Wolf'? Scott's Pack Is In More Trouble Than Ever

Here's what we know so far about the Dread Doctors on Teen Wolf Season 5: Approximately nothing. We know that they have come to Beacon Hills once before thanks to Dr. Valack's revelation that the book he wrote helps people remember their experiences with them. And we know that Theo is involved/working with them. But that's about it, as nothing else can be totally confirmed. After the events of last week's episode "Strange Frequencies," the Dread Doctors now have Hayden and Liam in their lab/prison. So what exactly is their plan for the almost couple, and could it have something to do with their ultimate endgame?

The Dread Doctors seem to be extremely invested in Hayden, as she appears to be the only chimera so far that has been deemed acceptable, or "condition improved," as the doctors have stated. My guess is that when they began the chimera process on Hayden, they didn't fully finish the job. She's currently a werewolf, but they have to still turn her into the full chimera that she has the potential to become. In the lab, it looked as though they were starting to cut into her back as if they wanted to put in a tail or something equally as sinister. But what exactly were they doing to Liam? Will their experiments on these two ruin Scott and his pack? These are just some of the questions facing the Dread Doctors this season.

It seemed as though the Dread Doctors could be doing one of two things to Liam: They were either pumping him full of wolfsbane to keep him down while they experimented on Hayden, or they were drawing his blood. If the first is correct, then we can move on. But if the Doctors were taking some of Liam's blood, that could really hurt Scott in particular. Maybe having the blood of a True Alpha's Beta would help the Dread Doctors in defeating Scott a little more easily. In fact, what if the Doctors plan to use some of Liam's blood or DNA in Hayden to help create the perfect chimera that is basically designed to kill Scott?

It seems to me that the Dread Doctors know their biggest hindrance to domination or free experimentation, or whatever it is they're trying to do here, is Scott and his pack. Theo is already working from the inside to ruin the pack psychologically, now all the Doctors need is one final blow to get rid of them for good. But once Scott and the pack are out of the way, what do they plan on doing with Hayden and any other chimeras they come across? World domination seems like the most obvious scenario, but the Dread Doctors are people of science. It's entirely possible that they want to station themselves in Beacon Hills to freely experiment on people, both human and supernatural.

Whatever the Dread Doctors end up doing to Hayden will help us discover more about them, so she is definitely the chimera to watch for hints of future predator-like abilities and inclinations. These Doctors are going to be sticking around Teen Wolf for some time, so it might be a while before we get the direct answers to the endless string of questions they've inspired.

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