The 2015 VMAs Had Weed References Galore, But Were They The Highest VMAs Ever?

You know, I do appreciate Miley Cyrus for the work she's been doing with LGBT youth through her Happy Hippie Foundation and all that, but I have to admit that sometimes the schtick she does in public is a little exhausting, to say the least. Maybe that's just my old self commenting, because the whole vaporwave, super #internet/Tumblr theme of the VMAs was a lot. Before I crawl back onto my knitting chair, I'll give it to Cyrus that she definitely had no qualms in talking about her love for weed, and that is alright with me. Sparking up every once in a while never hurt anybody and perhaps that was the only way we could get through the 2015 Video Music Awards' copious weed references, as it was probably the highest one yet.

Searching through Miley Cyrus' Instagram is like she is a living and breathing "She Smokes Weed Once" meme because she just really, really, really likes talking about it. Many post-VMAs headlines spoke about how many times pot was mentioned on the televised show and I am happy it was being talked about, and not in a vilified way. It was wacky and it was bizarre, so here are some of the highest stoner moments from the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

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All of Miley Cyrus' Outfit Changes

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There was a lot going on with very little fabric and this could probably only have been designed at around 1:43 a.m. while munching on a bag of Cheetos. I am honestly just shocked there wasn't an actual marijuana leaf ensemble.

Move Over, Cheese...

She obviously had to say "Marijuana" when taking her hosting selfie, because what else would she say?

The Weeknd's Performance

The Weeknd got on stage to sing his hit, "Can't Feel My Face," and while perhaps not exactly about marijuana, I have a feeling he is alluding to some other recreational things we can talk about at another time. Also, did you see Kanye dancing?

Also, Kanye Smiling... A Lot

During his now infamous acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award, West admitted that he did roll one up before heading to the VMAs. So, that explains all those cute GIFs of him cuddling with Kim, eh?

Smoking With Tyga and Mike Will Made It

In an interlude skit, Cyrus is sitting around smoking with them and while looking for something to do, she says, “Let’s go TP Meek Mill’s house... You’re right. He’s suffered enough.”

Tripping Off Edibles With Snoop Dogg

Your smoking journey really isn't complete unless you eat really strong pot brownies with Snoop Dogg, and well, that's what she did.

Debuting Her New Song "Dooo It"

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The chorus' lyrics include, "Yeah, I smoke pot/ Yeah, I love peace/But I don’t give a fuck/I ain’t no hippie." OK, whatever you say, Miley.

Sharing "Joints" and Avocados With The Press

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According to Billboard, Miley handed out joints to the press after the show, "Since you're all my friends, and because the [new] song is about the love of marijuana and the love of humankind, I've got a little joint, if anyone would like any." She also handed out avocados, which I think is the greatest gift of all.

So yeah, it just might have been the greenest VMAs ever.

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