7 People Share The Best Things About Being Single

As much as I complain (sorry besties and parents) about being single, there are some nights where I come home to my apartment, take off my pants stats, dolly up a green face masque and binge-watch to my heart's content. There are plenty of perks to being single. There's something pretty magical about setting your own rules, doing anything (or absolutely nothing) you'd like and not having to answer to anyone else, compromise or make plans unless you want to.

From financial freedom and the ability to pick-up and go whenever we please, to the beautiful opportunity for something incredible to unfold at any moment and the undeniable relaxation that comes from not having to share your bed, your wallet or your opinions—being single is actually pretty great for dudes and gals, if we take a second to breathe, let dating take it's course and zen out.

The perks of being single don't always outweigh the loneliness that can come with years of flying-solo or beat the inevitable frustration or disappointment you feel after a promising date turns sour, but if we can take a moment to appreciate—and laugh about—the benefits of being on your own brings, then maybe you won't be so negative about the next months (or gulp, years) we have until we meet that person.

Straight from the mouth's of (mostly) happily single people across the country, here are some of the best parts about not being tied to anyone's Facebook relationship status:

1. Nicole, 26

2. Landon, 25

3. Madison, 29

4. Lindsey, 27

5. Jack, 30

6. Sarah, 24

7. Ben, 32

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