12 Things To Be Grateful For When You're Single

by Christine Schoenwald

Our obsession with coupling-up starts young. Even though we know there are plenty of benefits of being single, and it can be just as good, if not better than having a significant other, we still play brides, and dress our dolls up to go on dates. Then as tweens and teens, we crush over who we wish we could be with— people we might not ever actually date, or even know in real life. We finally start to go out with regular, attainable humans, and afterwards dissect every detail of the date with anyone who will listen. And that’s before we even are considering having long-term relationships.

We have our favorite ships on TV (go PLL’s Haleb,) in movies, and the relationships of our parents and relatives. Whatever couple our attention falls on we can decide if they are the perfect couple. There are endless articles about how to attract someone, keep them, and it quickly starts to seem as if being in a relationship is the only valid status.

As humans we're wired to want to be with someone—we need intimacy, and affection, but that doesn't mean we are required to be in a relationship. You don’t have to be part of a couple to have an amazing life, and be fulfilled.

Now might be the time to stop trying to get someone to put a ring on it, and just be grateful that you’re single. When you're unattached, you can wear whatever jewelry you want, not just something that screams that you're off the market. There are so many positives to being single.

1. Sleep Is How You Want It

Take up the whole bed as there isn't any their side. You can sleep like a giant X if you want to. You can leave the TV on, or fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing. If you like the room cold or hot, you control the temperature. And you won't be woken up because of someone else's alarm clock.

2. You Are Your Own "The-One."

You save a lot of mental energy not obsessing over if you really love someone or if they're your soulmate. You are the one, and that's more than enough.

3. You're Your Own Best

When you're single you can do the things that you like to do, and you don't have to convince someone else that it's fun. You enjoy spending time with your favorite person-yourself.

4. You're Able To Focus On You

You have the freedom to work on yourself and explore what you want to do with your life and not have to worry about someone else in the mix. You can make your own life-rules.

5. You Can Be Friends With Whoever You Want

There's no significant other saying you can't be friends with someone of the opposite sex because they get jealous. You have the time to put into friendships of all kinds.

6. You Didn't Settle

You're single by choice. If, and when you met a potential significant other, you don't have to take someone out of desperation. You enjoy being solo, and aren't consumed with finding someone out of fear.

7. You're Saving Tons Of Time

When you're single you don't have to constantly keep in touch with your S.O. by texting and calling. You have time to work on your novel or join that hooper group.

8. You Can Travel When You Want To

You always wanted to see Prague or Barcelona, you don't have to wait for your partner to have their vacation. Go when it's convenient for you. You'll be surprised at the wonderful people you'll meet on your trip.

9. You Can Flirt Without Fear

You don't have to worry about making someone jealous. If you want to chat with that guy, you can, no big deal.

10. You're Confident

You handle most of your problems and challenges yourself. You're self-reliant, and have learned to do things like fix the kitchen faucet or program the DVR because if you wanted it done, you needed to do it. You can do things you never dreamed you could do.

11. You Don't Have To Share, Ever

If you want to have some wine and there's only one glass left, it's yours. There's always hot water available, and you never have to experience the terror of finding that there isn't any toilet paper when you really, really need it.

12. You Get Things Your Way

Things are as you left them. If you have your silverware organized in a very specific manner, that's the way they'll stay. If you want to watch TV wearing a beauty-mask and a pink camo Onesie, no problem—you won't shock anyone with your top secret rituals.

Being single can be an amazingly productive, freeing time of your life, and should be something to feel good about and celebrate.

Images: Mateus Lunardi Dutra /Flickr; Giphy(8)