How To Stream 'Awkward' Season 5 So You Can Follow The Palos Hills High School Gang To Graduation & Beyond

Awkward returns to MTV on Monday night for Season 5A, and I have to say I'm impressed with this show's staying power. It may be the network's scripted secret weapon and MVP. Can you stream MTV's Awkward?Fortunately, MTV is not making it difficult to keep with with Jenna, Matty, and all of their classmates.

At the start of Season 5, the characters on Awkward are nearing towards the end of high school, and there's a lot of drama to wrap up before they go their separate ways... or whatever solution the series comes up with to keep the main characters together after graduation. Isn't that always an exciting mystery with every teen series? They always find a way. According to Season 5 spoilers, we've got at least one Awkward time jump to look forward to, and we'll see where the series takes it from there. How does one do that without either a television or paying a cable bill? You can always purchase a season pass on iTunes or Google Play if you want to support just that individual series and not a commitment to either a cable or streaming service. However, you may already have access to new episodes of the MTV series, so here's a quick breakdown of what to do.

Amazon Prime

First of all, you can catch up on Awkward Seasons 1-4 streaming on Amazon. However, you're going to have to get a season pass or wait to see new episodes. Previous seasons are also streaming on VUDU for no added cost with a subscription.

MTV's Official Site

You can catch up on full episodes, sneak peaks, and new episodes of Awkward on MTV's website. Since you don't need a cable password to log in for full episodes, there may be a delay between when Season 5A episodes air on television and when they'll appear online. You can also download the MTV app to your devices for OnDemand and live streaming.

With Cable

Depending on your specific streaming needs, there are a few more ways to catch the episodes without turning on MTV every Monday night. Always check your OnDemand listings, that's what they're there for and I feel like OnDemand is underrated. In addition, most cable providers have apps that you can log into and either call up old episodes or watch live. If your cable situation has changed or you're just getting into Awkward, there's a streaming solution for you.

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