Is Ophelia Leaving 'The Royals'? Merritt Patterson's New Blonde 'Do Is Making Us Very Nervous

We still have quite a wait ahead of us before The Royals Season 2 premieres, but that doesn't mean diehard fans aren't able to still catch a glimpse at what they have to look forward to. Thanks to the power of social media, viewers can get a behind the scenes look at these lovable (and sometimes unlovable) characters and attempt to decipher clues based on the images the cast members post. (Hey, it's not technically stalking if they want us to see it, right?) Speaking of which, Merritt Patterson, who plays Ophelia on the E! series, recently dyed her hair blonde IRL, leaving many to wonder what this could mean for her character's fate. Does this mean Ophelia is leaving The Royals entirely?

Last we saw in the Season 1 finale, Ophelia was taking up residence in New York City and pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. If you recall, she had originally wanted to run away with Prince Liam, but knowing how selfish it would've been on his part, Liam decided to do the noble thing and let her go. We knew this meant their on-again, off-again relationship would once more be put on shaky ground, but could this mean shecould be removed from the show entirely? As Kit Harington has proven on Game of Thrones , a change in hairstyle (or even a lack of change) can be very telling about a character's fate. So seeing Patterson rock a very non-Ophelia type look may have some hidden meaning in regards to her future on the show.

Obviously, the immediate worry comes to mind that she changed her hair because she no longer needs to look like her character, meaning that Ophelia will no longer play a big role on The Royals. Thankfully, though, the actress has confirmed (once again via Instagram) that she will be returning in Season 2, however, it's unclear whether or not it will only be in a limited capacity. Patterson returned to set almost a month after the rest of the cast had started filming, which seems to imply that she won't be around for the beginning part of the season. And if that's the case, perhaps her stay isn't even going to be all that permanent.

But that's just the worst case scenario, you guys. There could be another reasonable explanation for why Patterson is rocking a new look. For all we know, it could even be a clue in regards to Ophelia herself and how she's trying to cope with her recent break-up. She may be looking for a drastic change to help get her out of her depressed mood and going platinum blonde is certainly a way to go about doing that. Or perhaps it's simply part of her costume for some dance performance she's apart of. Either way, I wouldn't go writing her character off completely just yet. Because when it comes to a show like The Royals, a new makeover

Images: Frank W. Ockenfels 3/E! Entertainment; Merritt Patterson/Instagram (2)