Is Chelsie Webster Single? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Has Weddings On The Brain

Her timing might not have been ideal, but Chelsie Webster has joined Bachelor in Paradise and is looking for love. This Kristen Bell lookalike comes into Paradise with little time left to make a connection, but by the looks of how some of these relationships blossom and die in a matter of one episode, anything is possible. Plus, after surviving Juan Pablo's season, I think Chelsie deserves a lil' love in her life, don't you think? Well, time might be working against Chelsie who might be single — even after Bachelor in Paradise.

I have to say, it really seemed like Chelsie was battling the odds of Paradise. How can you just drop someone into a setting where relationships have been developing for a couple weeks and expect them to come out on top? (See: Chris Bukowski, the face guy of the Bachelor franchise.) After a little social media snooping, Chelsie appears to be living that single life still, which might be for the best — no one wants a leftover Bachelor, right? Chelsie is fun and cute and intelligent, there's no doubt she'll find love — just maybe not at the hand of ABC and Chris Harrison.

Even though Chelsie appears to be single (or at least very private on her Instagram/Twitter accounts), the educator has thrown out some confusing ~love~ vibes to the fans that follow her.

Quoting John Mayer

Is quoting John Mayer a sign of someone in love, or someone still looking for love? Or both? I can never tell with him.

Wearing A Wedding Dress

I mean, HELLO, what more does one need to see to answer the "is she single" question? The clues are in the hashtags.

Always A Bridesmaid

Did Chelsie's wedding dress photo convince you she's taken? Think again, because this Instagram video states that Chelsie is "always the bridesmaid."

Loving Shawn B.

Finally, Chelsie shared with fans during the finale of The Bachelorette that she loves Shawn B. — which, who doesn't? But the latter half of the tweet hints that this girl is still looking for love.

If Chelsie does end up with one of the guys from Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, we won't have to wait too long to see their love go public. And if she doesn't find love, there's always Season 3.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC