When Will 'Jurassic World' Be On iTunes? Soon, So Prepare Your Raptor Squad For A Watch Party

I've never met anyone who couldn't use a few more dinosaurs and a lot more Chris Pratt in their life, so Jurassic World is the movie humanity needs and deserves. The long-awaited addition to the Jurassic Park franchise opened on June 12, and soon became the fastest release to make it to $1 billion in box office receipts. Personally, Jurassic World made me feel a kid again, shutting off all the lights to watch the original for the 1000th time in my family's basement, always anxious when the raptors stalk the kids in the kitchen, even knowing the outcome. And I'd like to add the new sequel to the rotation. So, when will Jurassic World be available on iTunes?

So soon! iTunes has a pre-order page up for Jurassic World already, and the film will be available for download on Oct. 1. Both HD and standard definition downloads are priced at $19.99 for pre-order, so Jurassic World can be yours to keep for less than a movie ticket and the jumbo upgrade on your movie theater snack combo. The release date leaves Jurassic fans about a month to prepare for the second coming of the raptor squad, and I suggest those precious weeks be used wisely. Here are a few ways you can prepare to own Jurassic World.

1. Rep The Squad

Watch a dinosaur movie while not wearing a dinosaur t-shirt? What kind of fan are you? RedBubble, Society6, and Teepublic all have sick original Jurassic World-themed tees for your internet shopping pleasure.

2. Watch Parks & Recreation, Again

Because whether he's ripped as a dino trainer or cuddly as Pawnee's favorite shoe-shiner, Chris Pratt is equally adorable.

3. Have A Jurassic Marathon

Start from the beginning and work your way through The Lost World and Jurassic Park III, because you're a completist. Add wine and the third one won't be quite as disappointing.

4. And A Land Before Time Marathon Too, Why Not?

Break afterwards for a tissue and an hour-long phone chat with your mom.

5. Read Up On The Subject

The American Museum Of Natural History has a handy and fun online paleontology learning center. Sure, it's designed for kids, but who doesn't feel energized by bright colors?

6. Put The Finishing Touches On Your Claire, Or Better Yet, Jimmy Buffett Cosplay

Because the guy taking an extra moment to save his margaritas from the flying predators is all of us.

7. Stare At Some Gifs Of Andy Dwyer For A While

Because re-watching Parks twice in one month would be crazy, right? Right?

8. Lock Down Your Friends

You'll need someone to clutch anytime brave Blue is in danger.

9. And Most Importantly, Select Your Menu

Themed, natch. Try these stegosaurus cupcakes, a dinosaur claw snack mix, fossil cookies, or "dirt" cups.

Now pull up iTunes, tap that download button, and enjoy. Happy dino-watching.

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy (8); kdraul/Tumblr