Watch People Play Tattoo Roulette With Random Tattoos & Get Inked For Life — VIDEO

Elite Daily thought it might be a good idea to play with people's hearts, and their futures. So these people played tattoo roulette, and the volunteers (begrudgingly) played carnival games and got tatted up based on the carnival game results. Shout out to all the people who were brave enough to get inked for life during a game that leaves it completely up to chance. While I appreciate this as a spectator sport because it is certainly 800 percent hilarious, I genuinely feel bad for the people who are stuck with Donald Trump tattoos on their ass. Like, I would never shame someone for their tattoos, or ask them what it'll look like in 20 years, because I think that's ridiculous. But, come on, the Trump Stamp seems like it would go at the top of the list of Life Regrets.

Personally, I am all for at least a little deliberation before getting a tattoo. Every has their own preference, of course, and spontaneity is always a blast — but letting the fates decide what goes on your body seems a little risky. But, on the other hand, what do I know? Maybe the guy who got a Trump Stamp will end up meeting Trump himself and running his campaign. Mazel tov? Here's how it all played out:

So, They Spun The Wheel (Metaphorically Speaking)


And Ended Up With Some Weird Ass Tattoos:


... Like This


Overall, it was a nightmare of epic proportions, but made for damn good viewing material.

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And on this subject, here are four tattoos I would've rather gotten that the Trump Stamp:

1. The Pizza Tears

Honestly, I admire this human so much.

2. Le Marijuana

Whatever, I live in SoCal, it could be worse.

3. A Bon Jovi Quote

Next to it, I'd get "Cry Me A River."

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