How Old Is Rocky On 'Below Deck'? The New Stew Has Plenty Of Time To Gain Experience

So far, the main story of Below Deck Season 3 has been whether Rocky is fit for working on a yacht. But after she made the cringeworthy rookie mistake of climbing on the mast, I wondered, how old is Rocky? Could age perhaps explain why she hasn't quite gotten the hang of things yet? According to her Bravo bio, Rocky is the youngest person in the cast at 26, but she's not some super-sheltered kid who just decided to try working on a yacht one day. No, Rocky described some of her background on the premiere of Below Deck, and she comes from a family that she describes as both highly dramatic and extremely active. She also has a sports background, professionally competing as "an accomplished water woman, surfer, and a competitive national diver," as described by Bravo.

So being cooped up on a boat's small living quarters can't have been easy for an athlete who admits she has always been outsized and dramatic. Being forced to stay quiet and polite, not just due to the guests on board but also because the space the crew has to inhabit is so small, must have spurred some of Rocky's wackier behavior. Cabin fever is very real on the Eros, Rocky's just seems to have kicked in very quickly.

Tensions have been even worse between Rocky and the rest of the stewards when she described her latest passion — cooking. Even though she doesn't have the same experience as the chefs brought onboard the Eros, Rocky told Kate that she has been allowed to work with the chef on other ships before.

I think Kate came to a good compromise here. Rocky was hired to be a third stew, and stews are expected to help with the cleaning, laundry, organization, and service, not contribute to the cooking. But Kate agreed to let Rocky help Leon so she could continue her professional development, but only when a charter guest meal isn't being prepared. Rocky however, was disappointed by this.

But I don't think that Rocky's age has anything to do with her Below Deck antics so far. Yes, she is technically younger than the rest of the cast, but Connie is just two years older at 28 and is totally different. Besides, we haven't gotten to know Rocky very well yet, and she has plenty of time to get used to life on Eros.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy