Nick Jonas' "Levels" Video Is Missing Something...

by Alex Kritselis

Shortly after delivering an impressive performance during the 2015 MTV VMA pre-show on Sunday evening, Nick Jonas premiered his "Levels" music video online. The clip for the 22-year-old artist's new single is colorful and nicely shot, but its bland and familiar concept really misses the mark: basically, the "Jealous" hit-maker hangs out in a variety of industrial-looking settings — occasionally busting a move, but often just sitting around — while a group of models enthusiastically pose and dance beside him. That's it. It's fun to see the singer do a little choreography (and he pulls it off), but the visual doesn't at all reflect the sexually charged vibe of the song. Though Nick Jonas' "Levels" lyrics describe the out-of-this world sexual chemistry he has with a partner, curiously, he has zero sexual chemistry with the women in the vid. It doesn't make any sense.

What could Jonas have done differently? Well, for starters, he could've come up with an actual story line — one inspired by the track's lyrics. It wouldn't need to be complex; I think a series of scenes simply depicting the white-hot connection between Jonas and his lover would've been much more appropriate (and interesting to watch) than the whole "male performer flanked by beautiful female dancers" thing we got. That whole setup is just so tired and unoriginal at this point, you know? Check out the "Levels" video below.

Fortunately for Jonas, "Levels" is an extremely catchy tune, and I don't envision the lackluster video treatment negatively affecting its chart performance. Still, I hope his future videos will do a better job of capturing the mood of the music.

"Levels" is available on iTunes and Spotify now.

Image: NickJonasVEVO/YouTube