11 Best Amber Rose Selfies Ever, Because She Is Always Fierce

Kylie Jenner has been referred to as the queen of selfies, but it looks like the reality star may not have a monopoly on them after all. Hip-hop artist Amber Rose takes some epic selfies herself, which I’m assuming are partly responsible for her 7.6 million Instagram followers. Whether she’s snapping away during her makeup routine, showing off her favorite beauty products, or documenting her quality time with other celebs, where there’s a Rose, there’s a selfie. And fans cannot get enough.

Digital self portraits have become an art form, and it’s women like Rose who create masterpieces on a daily basis. Aside from the fact that she’s a natural beauty, it is the way this model has fully embraced her womanly physique that takes her selfies to the next level.

We often equate selfies with vanity, but here is a prime example of a woman who does not take these photos for approval, but who instead admires both her inner and outer beauty, and who offers an inside look at her everyday life to fans. Rose has been known to make a statement on and off the red carpet, but she is also making a statement through her Instagram photos: to love yourself completely as the beauty you are.

Rose knows who she is, what she is worth, and has no problem showing the world her true colors, a lesson we all should strive to learn.

Check out the best 11 of the many Amber Rose selfies below.

1. The Magnum Effect

Accessorized to the max.

2. With The BFF

Because real best friends snap a selfie when they hit the town.

3. For The Love Of Larry

All hail the talk show king and hip-hop's queen.

4. Totally Twinning


5. Hoodie And Sunnies

Diva is a female version of a hustler.

6. Pearly Whites

Thanks for revealing your secret, Rose!

7. Natural Beauty

Right before bed, she still looks flawless.

8. Trinidad Tobago Carnival

The definition of showstopper.

9. Oh Captain, My Captain

Captain Rose reporting for duty and looking fly.

10. Classic

She looks like a dame straight out of the 1920s ... or space.

11. Cheesin'

Sexy pout or big smile, Rose looks amazing.