'Faking It' Season 2B Emoji Spoilers From Star Katie Stevens Hint That "Drama Is Coming"

Does it feel like you've been waiting a lifetime for MTV's Faking It to return on Aug. 31? Well, then I know you're thanking your lucky stars that the day is finally here — and, with its return, series star Katie Stevens assures Bustle that "Drama is coming." After a totally insane Season 1 finale and an uncomfortable midseason finale in Season 2, a lot of things are up in the air for Amy, Karma, Liam, and the rest of the squad at Hester High. So, what can we look forward to in Faking It Season 2B? "The end of this season is a real cliffhanger," Stevens says, "more of a cliffhanger than any of the other ones."

You're probably not ready to start thinking about the Season 2 finale just yet, right? OK, fine. Going into Monday night's premiere, all Faking It fans are wondering the same things: Will Karma and Amy be friends again? Will Karma and Liam EVER be able to be a thing? "With Karma and Amy, what makes people love them so much is that they’ve had this relationship for so long and they’ve been able to get through anything," Stevens says of the BFFs, "I think slowly but surely is how they get their relationship back on track." So, don't expect these two to be back to braiding each other's hair. Otherwise your heart will be as broken as Liam's. Stevens also dished on the likelihood that Karma and her dream guy could overcome that major betrayal saying, "She questions herself — like, 'What kind of girl am I?' And she’s going to go through that."

Karma's definitely not taking her "self discovery process" in Season 2B lightly. So, what are fans really looking at in the second half of Season 2? Stevens dropped some major emoji spoilers to Bustle:

Karma & Amy

Maybe they'll end on a good note after all.

Karma & Liam

Is Liam going to give a Karma and Amy 'ship his blessing?!

Karma's Life In 2B

The struggle is SO real.

Life At Hester High

I'm not even going to try to decode this drama.

Images: courtesy of MTV; Christine DiStasio/Bustle