9 Cheap Ways To Splurge On Your Cute Self This Fall

Fall is my favorite season, by far. Of course, I currently live in Southern California, so the changing leaves, suede boots, leather jackets, and warm-colored sweaters are entirely lost on me. But I like to live vicariously through my New England friend's Instagrams, drink some cider on the west coast, and live to fight another day. With fall around the corner, it's hard not to want to spend. Fall wardrobe staples are something people (OK, me) wait all year for. Not only that, if you're heading back to school, you want to splurge on apartment decorations, new clothes, and maybe new electronics.

So, how do you stop yourself? It's difficult to put your foot down amidst sales, and sweater season, when all you want to do is prematurely decorate for Halloween. What you need to do is find little loopholes, hacks, cheap resources, etc. to get you through the season without feeling like you've deprived yourself, while simultaneously not feeling nauseous about how much you just spent.

The truth is, even though autumn might seem like the perfect time to shop, it's also the perfect time to learn to treat yourself without spending too much. Here are nine cheap ways to splurge on yourself this fall:

1. Have A Pumpkin Themed Baking Party/Treat Swap With You Friends

Fall is the start of baked goods season, but with all the four dollar macarons and five dollar pumpkin cheesecake brownies, it's much more tempting to go out and indulge, rather than make your own. Fight that urge by inviting a few friends over, make everyone bring a dozen pumpkin-somethings (pumpkin cookies, pumpkin turnovers, trust me possibilities abound), sample everything, and swap so everyone has a plate of goodies to take home.

2. Host A Wine Tasting At Home, And Make Everyone Bring Their Favorite Fall Wine

September and October are just in time for the warming, spicy reds, but early fall still means it's warm enough for a summery rosé.

3. Have A Clothing Swap Where Five Friends Bring Five Fall Pieces

And everyone goes home with five new cozy sweaters. Someone's old jewelry can be your new go-to statement piece.

4. Go To A Local Thrift Store (In Early September) And Get The Good Fall Finds Before Everyone Else

If you're going to do this, now is the time! By October, the best finds might be gone.

5. Splurge On Suede Or Leather Cleaner And Whip Your Beat Up Boots Back Into Good Shape

So often we toss a great pair of shoes just because they haven't been well cared for. The fact is, as long as the foundation of your boots is still good, a few scuff marks shouldn't keep you from wearing them. Buy a good quality suede or leather cleaner and get more mileage out of the boots hiding at the back of your closet. It'll feel like a new treat!

6. Allow Yourself A Pumpkin/Fall Treat, But Put A Limit On It So You Don't End Up Spending $5/Day On Coffee

Instead, decide that you'll treat yourself to a fun cider donut, or spiced latte, once every week, two weeks, or month, depending on your budget.

7. Buy Pumpkin Coffee To Make At Home, And Treat Yourself To A Great To Go Mug

And it'll still cost you so much less than getting coffee everyday. Make yourself a little coffee station, and buy a flavor (or type of coffee) you'll be excited about every morning.

8. For Halloween, Host A Spooky Soirée Instead Of Going Out

Going out on halloween is expensive AF. Uber/Lyft prices are through the roof, so spare yourself the trek, and host a party at your house.

9. Treat Yourself To $15 Worth Of New Decorations To Amp Up Your Fall Vibes

And make sure staying under budget is part of your ~challenge~. Even if you just buy materials to make your first inspiration board, a center piece, or a fall-scented candle, it'll be a great time, and you'll have something you can appreciate all season long.

Images: Giphy (5), Pixabay