Is Jaclyn Swartz Single? This Popular 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Is Focusing On Friends & Fun

Jaclyn Swartz is no slouch when it comes to Bachelor Nation. In fact, she’s definitely earned her place as the Miss Congeniality of the very large contestant pool — Jaclyn is friends with everyone in Bachelor Nation and participates on as many shows as she can. She’s flexed her love muscles on The Bachelor with a stint on Ben Flajnik’s season (yes, that was a long time ago), Bachelor Pad 3, and now, Bachelor in Paradise. But, despite putting her heart out there so much on national television, Chicago-based Jaclyn never got much to show for it. She was eliminated on The Bachelor in week 3 and didn’t win Bachelor Pad. So, after her stint on Bachelor in Paradise is Jaclyn Swartz still single?

Truthfully, if she is, I’m not sure why. She’s fun, outgoing, beautiful, and smart, which are all the things that I would want if I had to find a girlfriend. Jaclyn plays the mean girl role sometimes on her shows, which I really think is just an act. Everyone needs a shtick to be noticed on reality shows like The Bachelor, just like Ashley I. is the virgin and Ashley S. is the "crazy" one, so I just think that’s the persona that Jaclyn picked, or that the producers picked for her. In any case, I did some social media sleuthing to see if there’s one guy that Jaclyn is spending her time with post-Bachelor In Paradise.

Guess what? I didn’t see any! Jaclyn’s Instagram is a perfectly millennial storm of selfies, food, and fun snaps (and I mean that in the best possible way). Though I didn’t see any trace of a serious boyfriend, here’s what Jaclyn’s been up to instead.

She's Been Dining Out

Um, look at that lobster roll. Drool. Jaclyn has plenty of salivating snaps just like this one all over her Insta. Makes sense to me — I’d rather have endless food than have to put up with the hassle of an awkward first date. Just bring me the fries, please.

She's Been Changing Up Her Look

Jaclyn looks a lot different than when she was on The Bachelor. She's rocking a sleeker, sportier 'do now — a longish bob that's she's dyed a brighter blonde — complete with different touches of color. I'm feeling this look, and I love the pink at the ends. Props to your stylist, Jac.

She's Been Hanging With Friends

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a group of your best gal pals? While it's nice to have a guy around sometimes, your girlfriends always get you (and are always down to watch a bad movie), and that's what every single gal needs.

She Has Kept Her Sense Of Humor

Everyone loves Jaclyn because she's fun and funny, and this innate sense of humor extends to her social media networks. I appreciate a good meme or repost in the morning, and Jaclyn has this down pat.

She's Been Blogging

Yep, Jaclyn apparently works at The Onion, bastion of satirical news, and she has her own blog,, where she basically just makes fun of people on The Bachelor. Since I, too, make fun of people on The Bachelor on the Internet, I feel a kinship here.

Jaclyn's been up to so much — who needs a boyfriend?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC