Who Is Jaclyn Swartz On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Basically The Queen Of 'Bachelor' Nation, That's Who

At this point we have a couple solid connections on Bachelor in Paradise, but overall it seems like there are more friendships forming this season than romantic relationships. That may all change when Jaclyn Swartz comes to Bachelor in Paradise, since this isn't her first rodeo. Even though she was sent home pretty early on in Ben Flajnik’s season, the advertising account manager had a second chance in Bachelor nation when Jaclyn appeared on the 3rd season of Bachelor Pad. She paired up with Ed Swiderski on the show, and the pair made it to the 5th and 6th spots before getting the boot. Maybe her skills on BP can carry over to Paradise? Who knows, but we need to learn more about Jaclyn before she gets to Mexico. (But, all you really need to know is that her Bachelor commentary is hilarious, she's friends with almost everyone from the show, and she's the Queen of Bachelor Nation because of it.)

According to previews, Jaclyn will be introduced soon, and I think coming in this late in the game really screws you over on Bachelor in Paradise. The people who have been together since the beginning are solid, but the later you come in, the less likely you are to find someone and quickly form a connection before you have to decide whether to stay together after the show or not. How can you make a decision like that in one or two weeks? I don’t really have a lot of confidence in that amount of time, but Jaclyn knows how to play the game, and her Bachelor Pad knowledge could come in handy in this situation.

So, what has Jaclyn been up to since we last saw her on ABC in 2012?

She’s Relocated

In September of 2013, she left New York where she’d been working since 2007 and headed to the Windy City (Chicago) where she landed a position with Mode Media Corporation as an account executive.

Now, She Has A New Job At The Onion

Six months ago Swartz's sarcastic humor landed her a marketing position with everyone's favorite faux news site, The Onion. According to her LinkedIn, she’s a national account executive there.

She Writes A Blog

Her blog, Blond Hair Don’t Care, shares Swartz’s opinion, and she doesn't care if you like it or not. She hasn’t updated since February, so maybe she’s given up on it, but she was hilariously recapping Chris’ season of The Bachelor before she stopped.

She Is Not A Workout Fan

According to her blog, she does not work out. “If you are looking for fitness tips, ABORT, you are in the wrong place,” she wrote in her ‘about me’ section. A woman who understands me. I already love her.

She Hangs Out With Whitney Bischoff

Like the other former Bachelor contestants, she has made friends with people from other seasons including Chris Soules' ex-fiancé Whitney Bischoff.

She Is A Pippa Middleton Fan

This might be my favorite Jaclyn discovery. She got a puppy not too long ago and named it Pippa Middleton. That's a true British royalty fan.

McDonald’s Breakfast Is Her Must-Have

She’s all about the McDonald’s breakfast, but let’s be real, who isn’t? I, for one, revel in those mornings I get out of bed before 10:30 a.m.

She Makes Dunkaroos

I thought I was the only one that still gets frosting and teddy grahams to make Dunkaroos, but nope, Jaclyn Swartz also makes frosting for her Dunkaroos and it’s amazing.


THESE SOCKS THOUGH. Done. She also has pizza socks. After you get off BiP, let’s be best friends forever Jaclyn.

Images: jaclynswartz/Instagram