What Happened To Jaclyn Swartz On 'The Bachelor'? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Is A Reality TV Pro

The contestants just keep on coming on Bachelor In Paradise, don’t they? Every week I see a new face or five. This week, though, a fairly familiar face is joining the group in Mexico — that of Jaclyn Swartz, a contestant on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor. Though she was bounced out of the competition fairly early (more on that later), Jaclyn is a staple in the Bachelor Nation community. She’s pals with like, all of the former contestants, she boasts a hilarious Twitter feed that comments on anything Bachelor related, and she’s always ready for a laugh. Before we watch her journey to find love on Bachelor In Paradise, though, we have to know where she’s coming from. What happened to Jaclyn on The Bachelor and on Bachelor Pad?

Jaclyn was cut in the third week of competition on The Bachelor Season 16. During her time, she was best known for her funny personality and dislike for anyone called “Blakeley." Jaclyn was eliminated after a skiing group date on the hills of San Francisco during which the girls all had to wear bikinis whilst in the snow, because that made sense. No word on whether or not Ben got rid of Jaclyn because of her skiing skills (or lack thereof) on the show, but she was sent packing along with Shawntel N. (a straggler from another season who wanted to join the show) and Erika (who had a possibly fake fainting spell before the rose ceremony). Strange company, indeed.

On Bachelor Pad 3, Jaclyn did a little bit better. She hooked up with former Bachelorette winner Ed Swiderski (he was engaged to Jillian Harris for about a year), and these two crazy kids nearly went all the way. I mean they seemingly went all the way on the show (apparently Ed is very noisy), but I also mean they almost won the whole dang contest of Bachelor Pad. Unfortunately, Ed and Jaclyn were cut in Episode 7 by Jaclyn’s then-best friend Rachel Trueheart and Rachel’s partner, Nick Petersen (who won the whole thing). Yikes! Fortunately, these girls have made up since then.

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Luckily for Jaclyn, she was able to focus her energy after her Bachelor Pad loss. Here’s a little bit of what she’s been up to:

She Got A New Look

Gone are the days of her long locks. Jaclyn went sleek and stylish for her new look, lightening her ‘do and cutting it just so.

She Stayed BFFs With Bachelor Nation

Jaclyn still hangs out with a great deal of the contestants from all seasons of the show.

She Became A Dog Mom

Jaclyn’s obviously very focused on her pooch, a teacup Yorkie named Pippa Middleton Swartz. The cutest!

She Live Tweets & Blogs Bachelor Events

If there’s an announcement that has to do with The Bachelor or any of its ensuing shows or cast members, you can bet that Jaclyn will be on that with something hilarious to say. Her blog, Blonde Hair Don’t Care, also boasts thigh-slapping recaps of each episode of The Bachelor. This girl knows her way around a GIF.

Now that you’ve met Jaclyn (again), it’s time to watch her on Bachelor In Paradise. Only time will tell if she finds love, but if not, she'll provide plenty of comic relief.

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