Kesha Joins 'Jane The Virgin' Season 2 For First Live-Action Role That Hopefully Involves Some Singing

If you thought the first season of Jane the Virgin was amazing, then you might need a friend to hold your hand in preparation for the second season of the show that won Gina Rodriguez an Emmy. Especially considering the fact that Kesha is joining Jane the Virgin Season 2 for her first live-action role. Oh, sure, Kesha has been a voice actor before on shows like Robot Chicken, and has appeared as herself in shows like Victorious, but this will be her first time on a TV show where she's actually acting. She'll be playing Jane's new neighbor, Annabelle, who hates screaming infants as much as people on a plane do. That's going to get really awkward, really fast considering the fact that, you know, Jane is now a proud mother.

So far, according to E! Online, Kesha is only slated to appear in the second episode of the season, but I'm already hoping that her guest spot turns into a full-fledged reoccurring role with an option to be promoted to series regular come Season 3. I need more Kesha in my life, all right? Besides, it's nice to see her so excited about her upcoming TV role considering everything that has been going on in her personal life. The pop star is in the middle of a highly publicized lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke in which she alleges that he emotionally, physically, sexually, and verbally abused her for 10 years, while Dr. Luke is countersuing Kesha for lies and extortion. Suffice it to say, that's some incredibly heavy stuff to be dealing with.

Thus, it's really great for Kesha to have some good news to share, and her tweet about her upcoming role just proves that she's looking forward to this almost as much as, if not more than, we are.

What are our chances that Kesha could become a series regular on the show? Well, not too high, actually. She's got a music career to get back to, so, much like Britney Spears appearing on Jane the Virgin , it's likely that this will just be a special treat for fans who stuck with the critical darling of a show up until this point. However, I'm confident that if Kesha's acting is as good as her music — which, from the looks of her music videos, it just might be — then we can at least hope Annabelle will make a reappearance later down the line. I mean, it's not like she's going to move just to get away from Jane's baby, is she? (Oops, did I just spoil Episode 2? Sorry, Jane the Virgin!)

At the very least, I hope that Annabelle's appearance means that the writers will give Kesha an excuse to sing at some point during the episode. After all, it's been a while since we've had a new single from her, and why wouldn't they take advantage of her numerous talents for the single episode they have her slated for? That would be like if Kristin Chenoweth had gone on Glee without singing. (And, yes, I know that Glee is a musical dramedy and Jane the Virgin is a telenova, but Jane has had quite a few musical numbers herself. Make this happen for me, OK?)