Beyoncé's Visual Album is All High-Gloss Makeup, Blonde Bobs, and '80s Vibes

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Well, um, Beyoncé dropped a surprise album on Friday, and my friend and I just watched all 17 of the music video previews, and we kept screaming and pausing the videos to talk about her hair, and her dance movies, and how she's now calling herself Yoncé, at least we think she is, and Jay Z's in at least one video, and it's just a lot to take in right now, okay?

As a society, we need to take this cultural monolith in bite-sized pieces; the sum of its parts is simply too much for our fragile psyches to absorb all at once. So here's something I think we can handle. 21 looks from the videos. No big. Just Beyoncé in a blonde bob. Just Beyoncé on a roller coaster. Just Beyoncé in 10 million outfit changes. We can do this. Hold my hand.

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