Will Shawn Booth Visit Ben Higgins On 'The Bachelor'? The BFFs Deserve More Reality TV Time Together

Now that ABC has made it official and Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor , I'm so excited for the next season. Chris Soules was OK, but I can understand why people might not like him. As far as Ben is concerned? It would have been impossible to have seen The Bachelorette and not fallen in love with him. He's a sweet, smart, hella good looking dude who left graciously when Kaitlyn Bristowe let him know it was his time, and he did not pull a Joe Bailey and turn against her as soon as she cut him loose. So, yes, I'm obviously looking forward to the next season for Ben, but I'm also looking forward to it for whatever tricks producers plan to throw our way this time. And, number one on my wish list? That Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth visits Ben on The Bachelor.

As guys who are all competing for the same girl occasionally tend to do, Shawn and Ben got pretty close during their time together on the show, and there are the social media posts to prove it. Since they roomed together, it makes sense that they'd form a bond, and their friendship is actually pretty cute.

Please see exhibit A:

You don't pose in a loving embrace like this with anyone. You just don't.

It's not unprecedented for former contestants to reappear on their buddy's season. In the past, Bachelorettes have had visits from their friends from previous seasons so they could gab about the frontrunners, successful Bachelor Nation couples have given advice to Bachelor in Paradise contestants, and Arie Luyendyk Jr. showed up to Sean Lowe's show to give him kissing tips. It was pretty much ratings gold, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again.

If anyone from The Bachelorette was going to visit Ben on The Bachelor, it's going to be Shawn. Unless, of course, it's Nick Viall, because we all know he can't stay away. And, to be honest, I wouldn't be too bummed about that either. So, if Ben wants a buddy to come hang, he'll get it. Or if The Bachelor thinks bringing Shawn (and possibly Kaitlyn) on the show will drum up more interest, it will definitely happen.

Just look at Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette. We got Ashley Iaconetti and Ashley Salter showing up in unexpected ways, and, honestly, it was amazing.

My fingers are definitely crossed for a surprise appearance from Shawn. I don't care how whiny he was on The Bachelorette or how much time he spends promoting random products on Instagram — I still have a major crush on him.

Image: bachelorabc/Tumblr