What Would The 'Pretty Little Liars' Tinder Profiles Be Like? We Give Them Dating Superlatives

I know what you're thinking — how could we possibly be thinking about the Liars' personal lives after Pretty Little Liars ' "CeCe is A" reveal during the Season 6A finale? Well, I can't speak for everyone, but at Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave , the only thing that might be more important than finding out Beach Hottie's identity, is whether or not Hanna and Caleb will break up in Season 6B. AND, if they do, will Hanna really date Jordan on PLL? It seems like most of our favorite 'ships have already fallen apart or will fall apart after the upcoming time jump. So, what happens next? And, what if the Liars joined Tinder while they were tanking their Rosewood 'ships in NYC?

Fan-favorite podcast, Bros Watch PLL Too, challenged us to imagine a world where all of the Liars, Mona, and their respective Rosewood counterparts joined Tinder. And, naturally, we came to the conclusion that IF Hanna were to break up with Caleb, she'd obviously be the group's dating app MVP (just like how she's the MVP of PLL every week).

That obvious and hopefully not necessary conclusion aside, however, here are some Tinder superlatives for Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily. Because, after all of that lying they've perfected over the past six seasons, they're probably pretty great at online dating.

Aria: The Artsy One

Her profile is really just another way for Aria to get her "Creepy Dolls For The Soul" photo series out there. And, trust me, she's serious about it.

Hanna: The Heartbreaking Pro

We all know that Caleb's her soulmate. Hanna's "playing" Tinder. And she's damn good at it. Duh.

Spencer: The Try-Hard

In typical Hastings fashion, Spencer went above and beyond with this. And it shows.

Emily: The Nice One

Much like her personal life in Rosewood, Emily's going to have hard time swiping-left.

Personally, I'm still in denial that Haleb's breaking up. But, if all of our time in Rosewood has taught us anything, it's definitely been how the Liars' handle their personal lives. And that Haleb is endgame, of course.

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