How To Apply Blush Correctly Every Single Time

For a fresh and easy glow, blush is hands-down the product to reach for. But with powders, creams, and stains, knowing how to apply blush correctly no matter what product you use can seem a little daunting. But I promise no matter what product you're into, applying it doesn't have to be intimidating at all!

Always thought you'd end up looking like a baby doll if you dare ventured into the world of blush? Think again! Dramatic blush is definitely having a trend moment, so get inspired by runway blush looks to know how to play with it for fall. Additionally, be sure to read up on the best blush for every skin tone. Once you learn how to pick the correct shade, I promise you, it'll become a makeup staple in your arsenal!

Though saying farewell to bronzer and embracing the cooler months ahead is a bit sad, there's definitely plenty of reasons to get excited about diving, um, cheeks-first into the rosy-hued world of blush. Whether you want just a hint of sweet warmth and glow on your cheeks or intend to go all out glamazon with super fierce Kardashian-style contoured blush, you might soon find it to be a step you absolutely can't skip when getting ready.

Read on to know exactly how to apply powder, cream, and stain blushes perfectly every single time!

1. Powder

This tutorial is super thorough at understanding the ways of powder blush, and how to apply to highlight to your cheek bones elegantly for any face shape. The key isn't just how to apply it, but with what. Using a well-made, fluffy brush, like the Sigma Beauty blush brush (keep an eye out for the copper option) that Jen of From Head To Toe uses, is just as important as learning how to apply it.

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush, $22, S igma Beauty

Of course, learning how to apply powder blush is an art in itself. Jen recommends making a fish face by sucking in your cheeks to see where your cheekbones are. That's how you know where to brush on your blush! With a light hand, slowly stroke on top of your cheekbones. The more blush you want, the more product you should swipe on! If you're looking for a more innocent, doll-like look, apply blush to the apples of your cheek.

2. Cream

If you're not careful, cream blush can definitely teeter into doll face territory (unless you're after that look!). Makeup Geek Marlena Stell's how-to video breaks down how in a super simple and straightforward way.

First and foremost, she explains cream blush is best used on dry skin or during the winter. If you're naturally more oily, this might make your skin appear more greasy than you want. If you're ready to use. Below is her favorite cream blush used in the tutorial.

Convertible Cream Blush And Lipstick In Peony, $25, Sephora

As for application, Stell suggests using your fingers. Talk about free and easy! Dip your fingers into the blush, smile, and apply lightly to the apples of the cheeks and moving lightly upward. She cautions how a little goes a long way, so start with very little blush and add as necessary.

3. Stain

OK, I know this is an ad, but it does a great, succint job at showing you how to apply cheek stain. I've been using Tarte's stain since I was in middle school, and have remained loyal and obsessed.

Cheek Stain, $30, Tarte

Breaking down how to apply it, start by adding a small amount directly to the apple of your cheek. Use your middle finger to glide the stain up your cheek diagonally, following your bone structure. To add contouring, lightly apply a little more above your apple and angle upward. Pat over the entire area applied to blend.

Image Credit: Maria Morri/Flickr; FromHeadToToe, Makeup Geek, Sephora/YouTube