Who Is The 'Scream' Killer? A Final Rundown Of The 2 Biggest Suspects

After a season of tortured week-after-week deaths, the movie-turned MTV series Scream will finally reveal the killer on the Season 1 finale. It's been a gory road thus far, and few suspects remain alive to be actual suspects — if you thought the show was going to match the movie and Will (the boyfriend) was going to be the killer, think again — so who does that leave us with to be behind the Ghostface mask? The best bet for the Scream killer is Piper , but it might be a little more complicated then that. If you're taking bets with your friends though, definitely put your money on Piper being the one behind the mask.

There's a lot supporting the theory that Piper is the Scream killer, but there's also a few unanswered questions as to how she can be the killer. She seems so innocent! She seems so nice! But do you see Sarah Koenig getting this involved with a podcast killer? Piper is taking her involvement in this mystery to a new level, and I have to believe that this sweet podcast reporter is really up to something much darker and deadlier.

If you're counting the odds of who the killer is, the odds definitely way heavier on Piper's side than any other suspect.

Piper: 90 percent

Piper has completely involved herself in this string of murders — conveniently showing up to town after the first one takes place. She has become a trusted source for those that have survived and seems to always be too curious about how Emma is doing. Piper told Emma that it was Kiernan who was identified as Brandon James' son by Brandon's mother. Piper told Emma — conveniently after Kiernan peaced out from the dance — that Brandon's mother pointed him out in last year's yearbook. But wait. Kiernan just moved to town and is the ubiquitous "new guy" in this horror series. There's no way Kiernan was in last year's yearbook. Oh, Piper... why are you getting so sloppy with your work?

Piper casually mentioned that her father was killed years ago, and that the police didn't care much about his death. That fits right into line with Brandon James' murder. Piper's age also matches up with the age of the Brandon James/Daisy baby.

You're probably thinking: Aren't you forgetting that time the killer almost killed Piper and did kidnap and kill Will? I'm glad you asked. Piper did almost — keyword "almost" — get killed by the killer, which is why there's no way she could be doing this alone...

Kiernan: 10 percent

He's too good looking to not be involved, right? Also, I'm not buying the fact that he's supposed to be 16. He could possibly be the illegitimate son, or he could be not involved at all. His secret tryst/not tryst with Nina was definitely suspect, but I did sort of believe him? But why is Kiernan always conveniently out of the picture when people end up dead? He's survived too long for being a love interest to Emma, which definitely raises some red flags.

If these two are working together, then whoa. Although the film by the same name has a team of killers, these two are two people I would never have guessed to be teaming up.

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