This 'Scream' Theory Could Be A Game-Changer

Odds are that if you're reading this post, then it's safe to assume that you're just as obsessed with MTV's addictive new Scream series as I am. So much so that you've undoubtedly been wracking your brain for weeks with a ton of different theories about who the possible Scream killer could be. And while some of you out there may think that Brandon James is still alive and wreaking havoc on the town that once caused him so much pain, I'm here to disprove that notion. Call me crazy, but what if Piper Shaw is actually Brandon James' daughter and has decided to follow in her father's killer-like footsteps? That's right, folks. I'm going there.

More often than not, we as viewers tend to assume that the killer is always male rather than female. But as Audrey just recently pointed out, this Lakewood terrorizer could just as easily be a woman. (Don't forget, that voice changer app could be used for either gender.) But what makes me so confident that it's specifically Piper who's taken up the Ghostface mantle? It all started with last week's episode when she started revealing a few very interesting (and extremely telling) details about her rather tragic backstory that she decided to share with Emma.

Piper revealed that her father was killed when she was very young and the police were extremely uninterested in solving his murder. Hmm, who do we know of that was killed many years ago and whose death wouldn't be a giant concern to the authorities? How about Brandon James! It kinda fits, right? Not to mention that it'd be a really weird move on the writers' part to have Piper throw in this random detail about her life just for the sake of giving her character a few extra lines of dialogue. No. This scene was included for a reason and could very well have provided us with the incentive Piper would have in becoming the new Lakewood killer: to avenge her father's unjust death.

I know I'm not the only one out there who's starting to find this crime stories-obsessed podcaster shadier and shadier by the day. (After all, when a character's as nice as she's trying to appear, you know something else has to be going on.) At this point, it's clear that the killer has a personal connection with the Brandon James story. And while that still could mean that the culprit is Brandon James himself — especially given how much the slasher knows about his past — that feels a little too obvious on a show who's running tagline is "You'll never see it coming." Plus, people would probably be hesitant to suspect the Gale Weathers equivalent.

But if Brandon is Piper's father, then that begs the question of who is her mother? One option, of course, is Emma's mom, Maggie (aka "Daisy"). Perhaps things became more intimate between her and Brandon than she ever let on. Granted, I'm not sure how she would've been able to get away with hiding the pregnancy from everyone after his death. (Though at the same time, no one apparently even knew that she was Daisy back then, so I guess anything's possible.) And making the killer be Emma's half-sibling would be a nice added twist to the story. It would certainly help to explain the killer's special interest in her.

However, it's also just as likely that it's someone we have yet to meet. Perhaps if Piper gets killed by the end of the first season, then Season 2 (because yes, there's going to be a second season!) will reveal her mother to be the new killer like (spoilers, I guess?) Scream 2 did with Billy's mom. Either way, though, I think Piper's connection to all of this extends far beyond an interest in crime stories. She knows more than she's letting on and it's only a matter of time before her true intentions are unmasked — maybe in both a literal and figurative sense.

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