Who Stars In 'The Transporter: Refueled'? Meet Ed Skrein, Action's Newest Leading Man

The Transporter: Refueled is hoping to relaunch the Transporter series and launch the career of its star, Ed Skrein. In The Transporter: Refueled , British heartthrob Skrein takes over the role of Frank Martin from Jason Statham, who starred in the original film series. The prequel finds Frank Martin caught up in a war between Russian thugs and sexy bank robbers, with only his fast car and combat skills to help him. No doubt Skrein, best known for leaving the role of Daario Naharis on HBO's Game of Thrones after three episodes, hopes The Transporter Refueled will help launch his career as an action star. So, who is Transporter star Ed Skrein?

Skrein, 32, hasn't been acting for very long. In fact, he first got his start as an actor when a friend of his asked him to star in a short film, and his first IMDB credit is dated 2012 — only three years ago. Prior to his acting debut, Skrein pursued a career in the music industry as a rapper, occasionally using the name 'The Dinner Lady P.I.M.P.' He even released a three-track LP and was featured on a Foreign Beggars album in 2003. "When I was in school I used to love food so much that I would always flirt with the dinner lady so that I could get extra food," Krein told BuzzFeed of his Dinner Lady P.I.M.P. alter-ego.

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Skrein's breakout came when he was cast in Game of Thrones, but he left the beloved show after landing the starring role in Transporter: Refueled (out Sept. 4). The movie is the first of three planned Transporter films, which means Skrein could be Hollywood's next action star. Before any Transporter sequels, however, Skrein will have another major breakout playing Ajax in Deadpool opposite Ryan Reynolds.

It's clear Skrein is about to become a huge star, so, to prepare yourself, here are a few need-to-know things about action's newest leading man.

1) He's Not Nicholas Hoult

This is a tricky one because, at a glance, Skrein and Hoult look extremely similar. It also doesn't help that the two will be starring in a movie together, Kill Your Friends. (Seriously, look at this photo. Which is which?! I'll never know.)

2) He Loves Geeks

Skrein recently had his first brush with mega stardom during a trip to Comic-Con to promote Deadpool. The actor only appeared briefly during the film's panel in SDCC's massive Hall H, but he soaked up every single second. "To get geek love? That's real love," he told Nerdist.

3) He's A Dad

Skrein has a young son, with whom he loves to spend time with when he isn't working. In a recent interview with People, Skrein revealed that he adores "being in the playground, taking his friends out and going out for ice cream, and going to the jungle gym."

4) He's Not Afraid To Cry

Not only did Skrein reveal in an interview with Nerdist that he cried during Fantastic Four, he also pledged his love of Pixar's newest tearjerker, Inside Out. Skrein, who saw the film with his son, admitted that he was particularly moved by the character of Bing Bong. "Certain films stay with you, you know, like City of God — they stay with you. And Inside Out stayed with me, you know? It's messed up," he said, adding that he would have gone to see it with or without his son.

Skrein may play an action hero on-screen, but in real life, it appears he's nothing but a big softie.

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